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4 Tips for a Dying iPhone Battery

January 21, 2019

We at sell battery cases.  That is our job.  We want everyone who has an iPhone to have a battery case.  Why?  Well, in case your phone dies of course.  If you have read our blogs, you know that nomophobia is a thing.  (I am not going to tell you what it is.  You have to read the blog to find out.  Unless you are a chicken – or scared of chickens, of which there is a phobia – and you can read about it on the other blog.)

There are plenty of scenarios to be found about the tragedy of a dying or dead battery.  Sadly, everyone has most certainly has experienced this some time or another. 

The best way to avoid a dead battery is to be prepared.  However, life happens.  Things are going to happen.  Phones will not be charged because of forgetfulness. There is nothing we can do about it.  We are forced to wander aimlessly in a field, wondering when and where we can charge our phone, provided we have the cable.

At Zohmo, we want you to be ready just in case (pun intended).  Here are a few tips you can have handy in a worst case (pun again!) scenario:

  1. Have important numbers written down – In the days before smartphones and having everyone’s number by name, most people had land lines and either a) memorized important numbers or b) wrote them down somewhere. Usually most had the first one down for family – grandparents and the like or close family members in the case of an emergency.  Most everyone today does not know the number of the person they are calling.  They simply scroll and tap to call someone.  The phone does all of the work.  This is great until you are in a tough spot with a dead or seriously dying battery and need help.  Take a few seconds, and jot down a few numbers to be on the safe side.
  1. Conserve your battery – Do yourself a favor right now. Turn OFF the 3/4G. Close some of your non-necessary apps.  Can you say, “battery death?”  I knew that you could.  Your data plan and most of the apps you use drain the battery significantly.  Checking email and Facebook in your downtime is a recipe for a dead battery in a short time.  Find somewhere that has Wi-Fi before you choose to check everything at one time.
  1. Hey buddy, can you spare a charge? - If you are somewhere like a nail salon or at the office, chances are someone else will have an iPhone and charger. It never hurts to ask to borrow one for a little while. Besides, you may make a new friend!
  1. Invest in a battery case – We saved the best for last. Charging and battery cases from Zohmo are the best solution to be found. You extend your battery life and have a fantastic looking case to boot.  The best part?  You can charge your iPhone anytime, anywhere!  Imagine that – charging your iPhone on top of a mountain or on a lake, or in the middle of a desert.  Pretty cool stuff…


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