500 charging cycles - iphone X

April 19, 2018

Your iPhone’s battery is good for about 500 charging cycles before it begins to lose performance.  There are some ways you can help forestall this problem, and your friends at have a few solutions you can try.

Of course, the best solution is to invest in one of our iPhone X battery cases.  We have several stylish choices that are certain to meet even the most discriminating iPhone X user.

Barring a defective battery or lack of a battery case, here are a few things you can do in the meantime.

Restart the phone

Apple is great in that you don’t have to restart the phone often.

Low Power

Low power mode is the friend for anyone who is interested in protecting their battery.  It takes out functions that are not necessary when your battery is low – Hey Siri, mail fetch and downloads are strictly limited.

You can do this easily with Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.  Toggle it on.  You can also make a shortcut in the Control Center if necessary.  Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls.  Tap the green plus sign next to Low Power Mode.

Check your apps

Facebook is notorious for sucking the life from an iPhone X battery.  Go to Settings > Battery.  Find the Battery Usage tool.  This shows you what apps are sucking your battery life.  Look for apps that are not used frequently and see if they are draining too much battery.  Uninstall and see if that helps.

Stay off data

Using Wi-Fi will help keep your battery running well.  Only use your data is absolutely necessary.

Your best solution to keeping an iPhone X battery running in top condition is to purchase one of Zohmo’s battery cases.  This will keep your iPhone X battery running at optimal speed for a long time.

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