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8 Cool iPhone Games as of February 2019

February 18, 2019

Angry Birds is the Super Mario Brothers of games for the iPhone, and with the iPhone XS Max, the number has exploded.  It is the game that essentially started the app gaming craze, and the Apple App Store is loaded with over one million apps with plenty of those being games. 

Finding a game that suits you can be a challenge.  There are plenty of games in the App Store that are certainly worth $1.00 to purchase.  We, your friends at Zohmo, have taken the time to sort through a few of the better games for you.  We tried to keep them kid-friendly if possible, but there may be some slips.

Also, remember games are a battery drainer.  Be sure to have your iPhone XS Max battery case on and powered to your iPhone XS Max when gaming so your gaming experience will not go dark.  Here are 8 iPhone games to consider:


  1. Reckless Racing 3 ($3.00) – This is one of those games that are great when you do not have much time and are just looking for something to do. Tons of cars and racetracks with new goodies as you advance. You can also buy the goodies early.

    Dark Echo
  2. Dark Echo ($2.00) – If you are a Five Nights at Freddy’s sort of person, this is your game. You cannot see.  You have a sonar like ability, and that ability attracts some unsavories.

  3. Florence ($3.00) – The ‘experience’ game genrè is hot at the moment.  Florence is at the top. Experience all of the emotion of first time love gained and lost in this soon to be classic.

  4. Reigns: Game of Thrones ($4.00) – For most of you, I had you at GoT.  Pick a character from the series, make choices and win the coveted throne.  You have to swipe left or right for the choices.  All choices, just like in real life, have consequences.  If you are old enough to remember those ‘choose your own adventure’ books, this is a similar experience.

  5. Civilization (Free/$20.00) – Sid Meier nailed it when he came out with the very first Civilization.  The gaming world has not been the same since.  This is pretty much the same game as on the PC.  For free, you get 60 turns.  $20.00 may seem steep for an app, but this is one of the best games of all time – mobile.

    Pokemon Quest iPhone App
  6. Pokèmon Quest (No price given) – The summer of 2016 actually got people outside and moving around thanks to Pokèmon: Go.  It, sadly, has pretty much ran its course.  Those who still yearn for the battle can find Pokèmon Quest a challenge as you look for treasure and battle the wild Pokèmon.  Catch ‘em all!

  7. The Game of Life ($3.00) – The classic board game for mobile.  The best part?  It has a multiplayer mode.  Play on the same device or several devices.  There is a fast mode for a quick game.

  8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ($7.00) – The classic is back, remastered and enhanced on mobile.  Carl Johnson comes back home to fix things.  You can imagine what transpires.

Whew!  This is not an exhaustive list of games, but we know one thing that will exhaust, and that is the iPhone battery.  A battery case for your iPhone XS Max is the ideal way to enjoy a gaming experience without the worry of losing power at a critical call or moment.


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