May 09, 2018

Most people who ascribe to Apple and their products know the company recently, as of the iPhone 7, got rid of the headphone jack in favor of wireless headphones.  This was a major step for the company, as they are the first to take such a large step towards more wireless technology.

The one big advantage that came with this move is the phone now had room for a larger battery.  After the fiasco with iOS purposefully slowing the iPhone’s functions when the battery was dying, it only makes sense that the company would look into using a bigger battery than what was previously used in the iPhone.

The larger battery does provide about an hour or two additional life on each charge, but those who use their phones frequently will not be satisfied with that.  They want more, longer and better.  Since the average battery will begin to wane in usefulness around 500 charges, this means after about two years of consistent use, the battery will be all but dead and the phone useless.

Fortunately, there is a solution from offers iPhone charging cases.  These cases help keep your battery charged longer, thus giving you extended life for daily usage and extended battery life as a whole.  These are two things that you cannot be without if you are a serious iPhone user.

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