All you need to know about an iPhone XS Max Battery Case

October 30, 2019



An iPhone battery is rechargeable.  Adding a battery case to your iPhone extends your current battery life beyond a standard charge.  Many people refer to a battery case by a different term.  The terms “charging case,” “external battery,” “back battery,” and even “digital charging companion.”


No matter what the name, all battery cases perform the same function – to add additional use time for iPhone XS Max users.


Understanding battery cases starts with an understanding of battery life.  mAh means ‘milliamp hours.’  This is size of the battery, and the time a battery has before a recharge is required.  The bigger the mAh, the bigger the battery and longer the iPhone XS Max will function on a single charge.




A better thing to ask: Why not have a battery case?  There is not an iPhone XS Max user that would not like and/or benefit from longer battery life on their iPhone.  The iPhone XS Max is a great phone with fantastic features.  These features have the trade-off of a faster battery drain.


Consider the following about battery life.  An older battery will not hold a full charge as long as a newer one.  Those who use an iPhone XS Max will need a new battery at some point or will invest in a newer, more expensive iPhone.  Investing in a battery case makes more fiscal sense.


Having an iPhone XS Max battery charging case means the iPhone user will be able to use their iPhone and its functions for a longer time than on a standard battery and charge.  Who would not like more time on the Internet, more videos, longer game time and talk and text?




Some have experienced it.  All will at some point.  Leave the house in a hurry; the charging cable is on the table in the kitchen or in the bedroom where it was left the night before.  Nomophobia, the fear of not having a charging cable, is a relatively new and upcoming phobia.  Save money at the therapist with an iPhone XS battery case.  No longer is there a concern about having a full charge or charging cable.  The added mAh provided by a battery case means longer iPhone usage.  Users will have the extra time necessary to return home and charge their iPhones.


After a missing charging cable, a dropped iPhone is the worst.  There are plenty of cracked screens on iPhones around.  Protect the investment of an iPhone XS Max with an XS Max charging case.  A high quality charging case will keep the iPhone safer in the case, often likely, of dropping the iPhone and damaging it.  A charging case is an investment in safety and security.


The better iPhone battery cases use the same charging cable for the iPhone XS Max.  There is no need to dismount the iPhone XS Max battery case from the iPhone.  Plug in, and charge as always.  Set the iPhone to charge at bedtime.  Wake up the next day with a fully charged and ready to go iPhone.  Simplicity at its finest.


It cannot be repeated enough: A battery case for the iPhone XS Max means longer battery life.  Over time, the battery life of the iPhone XS will start to fall.  The amount of charge in the battery will shorten.  It is common after a few years to have the iPhone battery life drop by as much as 20 percent.  Usage time is cut as a consequence.  A battery case raises that battery life for iPhone users.  Longer use of the iPhone means not needing a costly battery replacement.


It was not long ago that Apple had to do some serious damage control because of the iOS update.  The update slowed the iOS when the battery life began to drop.  Apple atoned for this, after much fallout on social media, by dropping the cost of a replacement battery from its MSRP of $79.00 to $29.00.  Those who own a battery charging case would not have any concerns with the iOS and been able to wait out the issue.




The starting price for an iPhone XS Max charging case is around $30.00.  There is a standard rule on most things you purchase – you get what you pay for.  The $30.00 cost may seem appeasing to a wallet, but the quality is questionable.  Many cheaper cases do not last for any length of time – sometimes as little as a few weeks.  The Apple charging case from Apple has an MSRP of $129.00 with a mAh charge of 1,400.  Users get a charging case with the nifty Apple logo and nothing else.  The early reviews of the iPhone XS Max battery case is a paltry 3.2/5.0 stars.  This is not the expectation of the average Apple user.


Finding the best battery case that is appeasing to the wallet but not sub-par or based on an icon is a task.  There is a company that makes a battery case that meets all expectations of the iPhone XS Max user.  An XS Max battery case that is priced fairly, more mAh than the Apple battery case, has outstanding protection and a sleek, futuristic design.  Zohmo is a Seattle, Wash., company that has a selection of iPhone battery cases, including one for the XS Max.  Their Z-Series has a powerful lithium-polymer rechargeable battery and complete 360 degree protection.



Do some homework before running out or going online for the best in iPhone XS Max battery cases.  The following applies:


  • Reputation – Is there a quality product at a reasonable price? Does the company have good standing not only with the Secretary of State but also the Better Business Bureau?
  • Quality – Any company will tout themselves as having the best iPhone XS Max battery case. What sets this company apart from the others?  How do the customers feel about the charging case?  What about the reviews?
  • Customer service – The most important part of a company is their customer service experience. Is the sale all the company wants?  Can a customer service representative be available?  Is the issue resolved with a customer service representative?
  • Returns/Guarantees – Is there 100 percent satisfaction? Is there a decent return policy?  What happens if the charging case fails?  Is there a real guarantee of service?


These are not questions to take lightly.  All of them need careful consideration for those actively searching for an iPhone battery charging case.  Using these recommendations will help the user to find the perfect battery case without the pain of wasting their money on a case that fails in only a short time.


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