All you need to know about iPhone XR Battery Cases

August 07, 2019



All iPhones run on a rechargeable battery.  A battery case is an extension of the standard battery found on the iPhone.  Collectively, the battery cases are also known as “charging case,” “external battery,” “back battery,” or for the highly sophisticated, “digital charging companion.”


The purpose of a battery case is simple: To provide additional battery life and run time to the iPhone XR.


One thing seen on a battery case is the term mAh.  mAh is an abbreviation and means ‘Milliamp Hours.’  It is the measurement of time a battery has before draining and needing a recharge.  Naturally, the more mAh a battery charging case has, the longer the iPhone will run before needing a charge.




This is the wrong question to ask.  The better question to ask is: Who does not need an iPhone battery charging case?  The iPhone XR is Apple’s flagship iPhone.  Its capabilities and functionality far outweigh any of its predecessors.  This additional power comes at the cost of a faster battery drain.


Battery life loss is also exponential.  This means the battery function dies more rapidly as the battery ages.  A new battery will be necessary at some point.  Most people choose to get a new iPhone instead of a new battery.  New iPhones are expensive.  Battery cases are reasonably priced in comparison.


An iPhone XR battery charging case allows an iPhone enthusiast to enjoy the functions of the iPhone longer.  This means longer talk and text time, longer time to use the Internet, longer videos and more time on apps and games.




We are all a victim of it.  Leaving the house on the way to work or school and realizing charging cable is on the night stand or kitchen table.  This can be rather devastating, and believe it or not, there is even a phobia for it.  An iPhone XR battery case means never having to worry about having a charging cable nearby.  The additional mAh provided in a case extends the iPhone’s usage life well beyond the time necessary, providing ample time to return home and charge the iPhone XR.


Besides the fear of not having the charging cable, there is a serious fear of dropping the iPhone.  Chances are, and victims are common, someone has dropped their iPhone and cracked the screen.  The best iPhone XR charging case gives an iPhone extra protection against dropping and damage.  Solid insurance for a costly investment.


A quality iPhone battery case will use the same charging cable that comes with an iPhone XR  This means leaving the iPhone XR battery case attached and charging an iPhone like always.  Plug the iPhone battery case in at night before going to bed, and wake up the next morning with a fully charged iPhone XR and battery case.  Simple!


When the statement is made that the battery case extends the life of iPhone battery, this means the overall life of the battery will be extended.  After a few years of use, the charging capability of the iPhone battery drops by approximately 20 percent.  This cuts into the usage time.  A battery case extends that battery life, meaning users can enjoy their iPhone longer without having to worry about a battery replacement.


Some iPhone users may recall the fiasco from not too long before when Apple’s new iOS slowed the functionality of the iPhone as battery functionality wanned.  Apple had to quickly atone for this mistake and cut the price of a replacement battery from $79.00 to $29.00 to appease angry iPhone users.  A battery charging case would have kept an iPhone from dealing with a slowed iOS until the problem resolved itself.




iPhone XR charging cases starts around $30.00. However, as with most cheap electronics, the rule is one gets what is paid for. Most will assume, at this price point, there is an expectation of a lower quality, non-branded case that will probably last you no more than a few weeks. On the other hand, the proprietary Apple charging case retails for $129.00 and offers 1,400 mAh of charge.   $129.00 is a considerable amount of money to pay for the Apple logo.  iPhone users choose Apple products because they like the Apple product, but early reviews for the Apple battery charging case rate the XR battery case at an average 3.2/5.0 stars.  This is substandard for the majority of Apple users. 


It can be tough finding the perfect battery case that is not too cheap so that quality is an issue, but not too high where the price is a premium simply for the logo. We found a company that makes a battery case that satisfies the best of all worlds.  An iPhone XR case that is reasonably priced, twice the mAh of Apple’s battery case, and offers full protection all in a sleek design.  Zohmo, a Seattle-based company, specializes in iPhone battery cases and recently launched their Z-Series collection which includes a charging case for the iPhone XR.




There are a few things to ask when selecting the best iPhone XR battery case.  Specifically:


  • Reputation – Does the company have a solid reputation for a quality product at an affordable price? Is the company in good standing with the specific Secretary of State’s office and the Better Business Bureau?
  • Quality – All companies promise the best iPhone XR battery case. What makes this brand the best?  How do customers rate the battery case? What do the reviews actually say about the battery case?
  • Customer service – Are they more concerned about their customer’s experience than just making a sale? Is a customer service representative available if there is an issue? Can that person resolve the issue quickly and easily?
  • Return policy/Guarantee – What about 100 percent product satisfaction? What is the return policy?  What if the battery case does not function as promised or ceases working?  Does the company have a rock-solid guarantee?


It is important to consider each and every one of these questions if for those who are in the market for the best iPhone XR battery charging case. Following these guidelines will help ensure the pick is for the right battery case and avoid the heartache of using hard-earned money to purchase a case that only ends up lasting a few weeks.

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