Apple's Peak Performance Option

December 03, 2018

We would like to think that companies like Apple are nice and transparent when it comes to dealing with its customer base.

A recent update on their support homepage said the peak performance option on their iPhone X/XS will still be a part of the phone’s features.  Users need not worry because the feature will not drastically affect their phone.

This sounds all well and good until you look a bit deeper.  “Peak performance option” is the fancy term Apple used to throttle the battery on older model phones.  Yep; this is exactly what caused such a big stir last year with the iOS upgrade.

Now, they are admitting the feature will be on the iPhone.  This should be an even stronger reason why you need to invest in an iPhone X/XS battery case from Zohmo.

Apple’s “peak performance option” will not drastically change anything.  That is a very ambiguous statement.  What is one person’s feast is another’s famine.

It is best not to worry about the iOS 12.1 at all.  Go ahead and use your iPhone X/XS without worry.  You already have the Zohmo iPhone X/XS battery case.  This means the worry of an app that will not open or a video conference that is lagging a bit too much will not happen.

Best of all, the iOS is coming out just in time for the holiday season, and this is all the more reason for you to consider an iPhone X/XS battery case.  Keep your iPhone X/XS performance truly at peak level by a case that keeps your battery fuller, longer from Zohmo.

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