April 29, 2019

Apple has a very dedicated fan base.  The iPhone 7, while released some time ago, is still a very popular model and has plenty of users still enjoying this model iPhone.  Each day, perhaps more frequently, iPhone 7 users go through the same steps.  They put their iPhones on to charge.


This charging is necessary, but the life of the iPhone 7 could easily be extended with the addition of a battery case.  A battery case attached to the back of the iPhone 7 is the perfect way to extend the life of a battery.  It is also a perfect way to keep the iPhone 7 user from buying a replacement battery.


The terms battery case and charging case are the same thing.  The attachment for the iPhone 7 means the same thing – longer charging life for the iPhone 7.


Milliamp hours, expressed with mAh, is the measurement of how long an iPhone will last before needing a recharge.  The large mAh means the iPhone will last longer.




The iPhone 7 was at one time the best of the best for the Apple iPhone line.  Technology has grown significantly since then, with apps being more and more complex.  This complexity means using more of the resources available for the iPhone 7.  In other words, less battery life.




A phobia is any irrational fear of something.  There is a new phobia that is tied strictly to technology.  The effects are the same as with any serious phobia – shallow breathing, faster heart rate and uncontrolled sweating.


Nomophobia is the fear of a dying iPhone with no charging cable around.  It will happen that a user will not have their charging cable at some point or another.  This is not only annoying but can cause real physical discomfort.


The addition of a charging case to the iPhone 7 means the necessity of a charging cable around at all times is not as important.  The charging case keeps the iPhone charged longer than a standard battery.


A quality charging case will have the same charging cable as a standard iPhone 7.  This keeps the need of more than one charging cable at all times.  All a user would have to do is plug the charging case in at night before bed and wake the next morning with a fully charged iPhone 7 and charged case.  It really is that easy.


There is more to a battery case than an extended time with the iPhone.  All iPhone 7’s run on a lithium ion battery.  These batteries will eventually lose their ability to hold a charge.  It is typical for an iPhone battery to lose approximately 20 percent of its charging capacity over a period of around two years on average.  This means the iPhone 7 user is likely using a battery with a depleted capacity.


It happened rather quickly.  Social media blew the story up and forced Apple to make some quick changes.  It was the iOS update that slowed the iPhone’s CPU because of a failing battery capacity.  Apple quickly sent a patch to change the issue and cut the price of its iPhone battery by $50.00.


Those iPhone 7 users who used a charging case would have not noticed the issue or had to worry about the updated patch.




Most charging cases for the iPhone 7 retail for $30.00.  There are cheaper cases available on the market for the iPhone 7, and many iPhone users have purchased them.


For those who thought to save a few dollars on a charging case was a good idea quickly found out this was not true.  Reports have appeared on the Internet and Apple forums of the cheap cases not working to promised levels and even ceasing altogether within weeks of purchase.


There is an Apple charging case from Apple available for the iPhone 7.  The case has a 1,400 mAh battery and little else to offer the iPhone user.  The case also has an average of 3.2/5.0 stars.  For the serious iPhone 7 users, this is certainly not the level of expectation they would have for the Apple line of products.


There is no need to spend too much time on the Internet looking for a quality charging case for the iPhone 7.  This charging case has every feature that an iPhone 7 user would want: decent cost, better mAh than the Apple model, protection from damage and the style and design all Apple users have come to expect.  A small company out of Seattle, Wash., called Zohmo has the ideal charging case for the iPhone 7 as well as other iPhone models from the iPhone 6 to the X.




Apple has a solid fan base of users and shopping for the best deal on a product has never been easier to do.  Here is a list to consider when looking for the best in an iPhone case for the iPhone 7.


  • Reputation – Does the company have a satisfied customer base? Is there good reputation on the Internet, the Better Business Bureau and the Secretary of State?
  • Quality – All battery companies tout their charging cases as the best. What sets this company apart?  How can the iPhone 7 user be sure this is the best charging case on the market?
  • Customer Service – An iPhone 7 user calls the company. Will they speak to an actual person who can help them over the phone with the charging case?  Can any issues be resolved on the phone?
  • Return/Guarantee – Is their 100 percent guarantee an actual guarantee? Does the return policy have fine print?  Can the company make amends for a damaged or failed product?


The charging case for an iPhone 7 is a way to protect the iPhone for the future.  These tips will protect the iPhone 7 user from a product that does not work the way promised.

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