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Best Battery Cases for the iPhone 6 Plus in 2020

November 18, 2019

It is hard to believe it, but 2020 is right around the corner, the new iPhone 11’s are on the market and people are flocking to them.  You, on the other hand, are somewhat nostalgic.  What is new and fresh in a market does not interest you unless it is the grocery store.  Besides, you are very attached to your iPhone 6 Plus and are not too worried about upgrading any time soon.

One thing you do want, and everyone does as well, is some extra life out of your iPhone 6 Plus.  You are not 100 percent certain, but there is a solution in the best iPhone 6 Plus battery case from Zohmo.  Of course, Zohmo also has battery cases for all of the other models of iPhones, so if there is a specific battery case you need, head on over.  Zohmo has the perfect case waiting for you.

Right now, you are going to put in the order.  You will have to wait for it to ship to you from Seattle, Wash., so it may take a bit of time to get to you.  Meanwhile, here are a few suggestions you can do while waiting for your iPhone 6 Plus battery case.  These tips work for all iPhones, but we know how you are about your iPhone 6 Plus.

  1. Check your apps – Some apps are proprietary, meaning Apple includes them as part of your iPhone. This does not mean you cannot check them and see if they are eating too much battery. If you can, close them out so they do not run while you are not necessarily needing them to be on.
  1. Keep an eye on battery life – When the iPhone 6 Plus gets to a certain level of battery life, the drain seems to speed up. You can hold this back by using the low power mode. This will help keep some apps and all downloads at bay until the iPhone is charged up.
  1. Be quick about it – Auto-lock turns off the display for you. If you can tolerate a fast turn off time, do it. Your iPhone 6 Plus battery will appreciate you taking initiative.
  1. Go hidden – The location services will actively scan at all times unless you tell the iPhone not to. Change this so the apps are not running passively and only while you are using the iPhone.
  1. Turn off the data – Data is a major part of the battery life. Those who run their data constantly will find their iPhone 6 Plus draining and draining quickly. Use the WiFi as often as feasible possible, and only run your data when absolutely necessary.

iPhone 6 plus battery case

The absolute final suggestion is to invest in the best iPhone 6 Plus battery case on the market.  The team at Zohmo have taken all of the guess work out of finding the best of the best battery cases for the iPhone 6 Plus.  Visit for the best on the market in battery cases.


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