April 19, 2019



The iPhone 6 Plus is still around and used by people all over the world.  The technology in the iPhone is still growing and changing, but there is a handful of devout followers of the iPhone 6 Plus that simply cannot let go.


This is why a battery case is such a useful tool for the iPhone 6 Plus.  The addition of a battery case will extend the daily life of the iPhone beyond its standard battery capacity.  This means more time for videos, talk, text and the all important games that so many iPhone 6 Plus users enjoy.


There are plenty of different names for the battery case.  Battery charging case, charging case and digital charging companion are all the same thing – an external battery attached to the back of the iPhone 6 Plus that allows additional usage time between charges.


The amount of time an iPhone will function under a charge is called a milliamp hour and is abbreviated mAh.  This amount, usually in the thousands, is seen on the spec sheets of new phones in the cellular store and in the packaging materials with the new product.  The larger numbers correspond to longer time available on the iPhone.




The answer is simple.  Additional usage time.  The updates for the iOS and apps on the iPhone 6 Plus continue to advance.  These advancements mean more resources necessary to function.  These resources translate into more battery usage.


The average iPhone 6 Plus user has likely noticed decreased battery function.  This is because the lithium ion battery in each iPhone will lose charging capabilities over time.  This translates into less charge for usage.  Most report around 20 percent loss of capability after a two year period.  Most iPhone 6 Plus users have had their iPhones for at least this amount of time and may be experiencing this.


A quality battery charging case for the iPhone 6 Plus means keeping the battery life going longer and additional battery life.  Users can enjoy their iPhone 6 Plus experience each and every day without concerns of a dying battery.




The word phobia should be well-known as it means fear.  There is a new fear entering peoples’ lives, and it is crippling for those who suffer from it.


Like most phobias, quickened heart rate, faster pulse, dizziness and the like are all a part of nomophobia.  It is the fear of not having a charging cable with a dying iPhone.


People are running out the door all of the time in a rush to get to work or other places.  Forgetting a charging cable is common, and when the iPhone is in constant use, the battery is going to drain quickly.  A dead battery on an iPhone 6 Plus is never fun.  A battery case attached to the back of the iPhone 6 Plus will keep the nomophobia away for good.  The charging case will not help with clowns or heights, however.


A dead iPhone 6 Plus just needs a good, solid charge and be good as new.  A cracked or damaged screen, however, is something different.  A cracked screen happens because of poor handling.  It is unsightly and also very difficult to read.  A battery case for the iPhone 6 Plus will protect the iPhone in case of a drop or accident.  So, a battery case gives the iPhone 6 Plus a boost and some protection.  What more does an iPhone 6 Plus user need?


The battery case for the iPhone 6 Plus uses the same charging cable as the iPhone.  This means there is no need to look for more than one cable at any time.  Simply plug in the battery case in the evening before going to bed, and wake up the next morning with a fully charged and ready to go iPhone 6 Plus with battery case.


The lithium ion battery in the iPhone 6 Plus is like any battery.  This means the battery will wear out and no longer function.  Unlike the standard batteries that are used in electronic devices, the lithium ion battery will still charge, but the amount of time from each charge will be diminished significantly.  Users report up to 20 percent of battery loss after a two year period, with the battery losing charge ability continually.  Battery replacements are normally common.


Apple’s internal battery retails for $29.00, down from the original price of $79.00.  This was because an iOS update slowed the CPU for iPhones that had batteries that were failing.  Apple users discovered this and immediately let their displeasure known to Apple.  Apple quickly sent a patch to change this part of the iOS.


Those who had a charging case would have never had an issue with the iOS update or need a replacement battery.  The charging case would have covered the problem until Apple resolved the issue.  There would be no need for a new battery either.




Most charging cases for the iPhone 6 Plus will retail around $30.00.  There are more expensive cases as well.  Apple’s proprietary case retails for $129.00 and has 1,400 mAh.  There are cheaper cases on the market as well as cases with more mAh. 


The Apple charging case has not done well with Apple users on forums and social media.  The charging case scored on average of 3.2/5.0 stars.  This is not what many iPhone 6 Plus users would expect when looking for a charging case.


The best of all of the worlds is available.  There is a charging case offering more mAh than the Apple model, is considerably cheaper, offers 360 degree protection from drops and is the sleek look Apple users love.  Zohmo is a Seattle, Wash., based company that carries charging cases for the iPhone 6 Plus as well as many other iPhone models.




Apple has a fan following that is unlike any other.  Finding the best in a battery case requires time and comparison shopping.  The information includes:


  • Reputation – Apple users are quick to share what they like and do not like. Are there opinions on a specific charging case available on the Internet?
  • Quality – All case manufacturers say their case is the best. What sets their case apart from the others on the market?
  • Customer service – A customer calls the company. Does an actual person answer the phone or a computer?  Can the service representative answer questions and fix problems on the phone?
  • Returns/Guarantees – What is the return policy? Is there a refund if the customer is not happy? Is there fine print that customers are expected to know?


An iPhone 6 Plus charging case is an investment in an iPhone.  Make the best choice wisely.

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