petting a dog on a leash

Cut the Leash

December 21, 2018

Think about a dog in a large city.  You cannot have one in a metropolitan city unless it is properly tethered on the end of a leash.

Think about this for a second.  What is the purpose of the leash?  Your animal is well-behaved, socialized with plenty of people and certainly not a danger to small children.  Heck; you have small children of your own that pull, tug, stand on, sleep on and generally make the dog’s life miserable.

The dog has never even barked loudly at you, the kids or strangers when on a walk.

Why, then, do you have to leash your dog?

Is the dog going to run away?  It is a possibility. A dog’s natural tendency is to chase.  Squirrels are a particularly favorite target, and there are lots in your city.  Cats?  That goes without saying.

Okay.  Pretty good reasons on why you should leash your dog in the city.  What if you live in the country or have a large, fenced in yard for your dog?  Do you need to leash them?

We can argue it.  Certainly to take them to the vet – many require leashing dogs.  In the country or a large yard, why bother?  Let the dog run, play, fetch and generally be a dog.

dog with a leash in mouth

We still have not gotten to the reason, the telos, the ultimate purpose for a leash.

Simple.  A leash is about control.

A leash is designed to exert control, your control, over your dog.  You are the master, the head of the pack.  The dog is subservient to you.  You hold 100 percent of the power, all the time.

Makes you feel strong?  Purposeful?  Give you a sense of pride?

Well, you are on a leash.

Oh yes.  You are certainly on a leash!

It is not a physical leash around your neck, attached to a collar of course.  That would be odd.

Your leash is always nearby, and you are lost without it.  Not having your iPhone charging cord is like not having oxygen or water.  You can survive for a little while, but eventually, you need to have it. 

What is it?  What is this leash that you wear, unwillingly, but cannot be without?

Your iPhone charging cable.

Let that sink in for a second.  I will wait.

Now that you have had a chance to think about it, you know it to be true.  Imagine your cell phone’s battery at less than 10 percent.

Now, imagine you don’t have an iPhone charging cable.

Calm down.  Breathe.  It is okay.  Your cable is right there.  Yes; you can hold it.

It will happen.  Your iPhone will not charge overnight; you will use it considerably longer than you think you should; your kids (Who probably belong on a leash sometimes, but I digress.  I know mine do.) play games and watch videos on youtube before running the battery dry.

And no charging cable.

iPhone lightning cord

This is why an iPhone battery case is so handy to have.  You get the extended battery life you need, when you need it.

Suddenly, that leash is not around as much.  You can go places, do things, allow the kids to play with your iPhone, record video of your dog at the park and more.  All because you took the time to invest in an iPhone charging case for your iPhone.

The iPhone battery charging case cuts the leash you are wearing. Satisfying to think, isn’t it? 

Ready to cut your leash?  Select your model below:


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