Cycling Trip

Cycling Trip

June 24, 2019

Taking off on your bike for a ride during the day for a little while is common.  Those who are looking to take off on a bike ride for an extended time need to think and plan ahead.  Select where to arrive, how long and with whom is only the beginning.  Proper planning prevents poor performance.  Here is what we recommend to take:


Well, this seems silly, but you cannot make a bike trip without a bike.  There are some ways to send or travel with the bike if you are going to a location.  You may also wish to rent a bike when you arrive.

It does not matter one way or the other.  What is important is being sure that the bike is in 100 percent rideable condition and ready to go.  Taking the bike to the local bike shop, and having it checked by a professional makes good sense.  If you are planning on renting, research what is there before hand if at all possible.

man cycling on road


We have our bike.  Now we need the gear to get where we are going.  Here is what is recommended:

  • Helmet – Goes without saying;
  • Spare tire and levers;
  • Pump;
  • Pedals and shoes;
  • Day lights;
  • Mechanic kit;
  • Quality sunglasses – polarized are best;
  • Reflective clothing.

Man fixing bike on side of road


Outside of the reflective, you will need other clothes as well.  Consider:

  • Bib/jersey for each day;
  • Socks for each day;
  • Gloves, several pairs;
  • Wind vest;
  • Light jacket;
  • Rain gear;
  • Change of clothes when not riding;
  • Two more pairs of underwear than you think you need.

Cyclers riding bikes on dirt trail


Biking is great exercise and burns calories.  You will need calories on your ride.  Particularly if there are plans to log some real miles each day.  Plan ahead, and have more than you think you may need to be on the safe side.

If this is your first long ride, you need to think of two things: electrolytes and complex carbohydrates.  Have a variety of snacks and gels.  Recovery drinks with protein help process the lactate acid, what makes muscles ache, so you are ready for the next day.


The last thing we want you to have is your iPhone and a battery charging case.  On the road is not a place to have a dead battery.  A battery charging case means the extra battery life between stops when you can’t charge the iPhone.

The most prepared rider has the chance of an accident or breakdown.  An iPhone is only as good as the battery life.  A battery case provides that all important extra life.  A quality battery case will also protect the iPhone from bumps and scrapes that are common when riding.

The best charging cases for an iPhone are not going to be bulky and heavy.  On a long term ride, weight is an issue.  Most live by the mantra, “lighter is better.”

Zohmo has a variety of cases to choose from that are powerful, light, slim, and sturdy.  You will not have to be concerned about your iPhone, so go and enjoy your ride.


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