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Enjoy winter sports – with your iPhone X

March 05, 2019

There are two sorts of people.  Those who love the cold weather, and all it has to offer.  There are those who detest everything to do with cold weather and would rather live in a sauna.  You happen to be an outdoors person and a lover all of all things cold.  The first snow fall is like manna from heaven for you.

So, it has happened.  The first real snow fall of the year.  You and the kids tear outside, all bundled up and ready to make the first snowman, build the first snow angel or have the snowball fight.  Everyone pitches in, and it is time for the picture.  You take out your iPhone X and –

And the iPhone X is dead……… Dead, because the iPhone battery and frigid weather, or hot weather for that matter, do not get along.

The iPhone battery is like you are.  It likes room temperature of 68 – 72 degrees on average.  As the temperature drops, so does battery function.  In fact, at -4 degrees, an iPhone's battery will cease to work entirely.  This can open a whole different set of issues as well.  Apple will note the iPhone X will function from 32 to 95 degrees, but these extreme temperatures do not mean you can traipse around freely with your iPhone X.  You may end up with a huge issue.

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Extremely low temps, like when it snows – the time you are most excited for, could crack the screen or force the LCD screen to malfunction.  Either of which is not ideal for you and your iPhone, particularly if you have the iPhone XR/X/XS.

Do not fret.  You can still enjoy your winter weather outing and use your iPhone at the same time.  Just follow these few simple tips for optimal iPhone performance:

  1. Pocket – Putting the iPhone close to you and your body heat is great.  The closer the better, so put the iPhone in an inside pocket next to skin if possible.
  2. Do not leave it in the car – This should be obvious.
  3. Close apps you do not need.  This eats into battery life.
  4. Do not take the iPhone out more than necessary.  Do not Snapchat every absolute second.
  5. Invest in an iPhone X battery case – Zohmo's battery cases function like any battery charger.  The battery case will actually raise the temperature of the iPhone X and keep it functioning even in extreme temperatures.  Of course, the battery case will also provide you with extra battery life while enjoying the outside.

stuffed animal snowman and real snowman hugging

Visit the main site to see the different options of iPhone battery cases we have.  We can meet your needs from the 6 to the XS models.


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