Essentials for a Motorcycle Road Trip

Essentials for a Motorcycle Road Trip

August 12, 2019

Summer means vacations and going outside.  Some select the open road for their trips and choose to do it on a motorcycle. It is time when Motorcyclists are quick to tell you there is something special about riding – the wind, the scenery and the rumble under you are all elements that make the ride worthwhile.

Group riding Motorcycles on road

So even if you are a seasoned rider or one embarking on a first ride, a checklist of items is vital for your safety and success on the road.  We at Zohmo want you to have a good time as well.  Here we go with the list.


  • Full face helmet – There is something unflattering about being splattered on the pavement.
  • Spare face shield – Rocks and insects may crack your shield.
  • Bluetooth communication set – If you are riding with a friend, and you should, this is an invaluable tool to use with your iPhone and battery charging case.
  • Insurance – There is motorcycle insurance in case of evacuation to a medical facility. It is reasonably priced and could save your life.  Add-ons to get your bike to a repair shop is available as well.
  • Cash – A debit card is fine, but some places may not accept it. A few dollars in small bills goes a long way.
  • Repair kit – These are small and easy to pack in the saddle bags. This ranks up there with a helmet.
  • Cycle pump – You need to re-inflate the tire after all.
  • Tools – Just in case you have something you can fix, or a friend can fix for you.
  • Raingear – Summer flash storms are common. Have the gear, including gloves, to ride them out.
  • Sunblock – You should have full riding gear, including long sleeves, but the sun can burn your face.
  • Polarized sunglasses – Cut the glare from the road. Bring a backup pair as well.
  • Hydration pack – These handy packs work like a backpack or are part of a backpack. Fill with water, and keep it filled for those long stretches.
  • Bike mount for your iPhone – Pictures are great, video is even more awesome. Make sure the one you select can hold your battery charging case as well.
  • Extra socks and underwear – Fresh socks and underwear go a long way when you are on a long ride.
  • Your iPhone – Communication, video, pictures, GPS and Internet all in one.
  • iPhone XS Max Battery case – You may be able to keep an iPhone charged on your ride, but a charging case keeps that iPhone charged longer and without a cord to tangle you up.

 Motorcycle parked on side of road

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is a list to get you started on your ride.  Be sure to let someone know when you are leaving and where you are going.  Plan your ride; ride your plan.  Be safe, and do not forget your battery case with your iPhone.  Visit the main site to see all of the options we have from the iPhone 6 battery case to the best iPhone XS Max battery case.

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