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Essentials for a Prepper – Don’t forget your charging case

February 27, 2019

There is a small but determined section of the country who believe that we are only one step away from a complete and total collapse of society as we know it.  What the collapse could be varies anywhere from an economic one to the failure of the entire power grid.  Regardless, we refer to these people collectively as Preppers.

We at Zohmo do not want you to think that prepping for anything is a bad thing.  As we have said before, a catastrophic storm can do lots of damage in a short time.  We just want our readers and customers to be prepared, and we can help by offering our iPhone battery case as a backup plan for your phone’s battery.  Actually, the tips we have make good sense for any sort of calamity, so take them seriously.

  1. Clean water – You can live a few weeks without food, a few minutes without air and a few days without fresh water. Keeping a gallon a day per person handy is wise. Some purification tablets will do you well also if weight and space are a premium.

You will need water for other things besides drinking, but you can add a small amount of bleach, around two teaspoons per 10 gallons or so, for this reason.  The bleach will keep any microbes at a minimum.

  1. Food – Again, think two things: weight and space. You want enough for at least three days per person. You can always buy as you go along on things so you have everything ready as needed.
The military MRE, meals ready to eat, are a good option.  They are high caloric and contain plenty of protein to keep you going.  Many do not care for the taste, but hunger is the best sauce. 
Dehydrated and freeze dried foods are next, and you can make most of these yourself with a bit of equipment and a few YouTube videos.  Canned goods are the final thing to consider, although the cans can get heavy and bulky.

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  1. Fire – Even in the dead of summer, a fire is necessary for cooking, warmth, alerts and boiling water. Disposable lighters, fire starters and matches, dipped in wax to keep them waterproof, are recommended.
  1. Backpack – Preppers call these “bug out bags.” Most have a three day supply in them at all times and are easy to grab and go. Do not skimp on the quality here. Spend the extra money on an all-aluminum frame for weight and less chance of breakage.
  1. Multi tool – These are great. They have a knife, pliers, screwdriver and a few other tools on them. The tools are light, easy to store and relatively inexpensive.  Again, go for quality.
  1. First Aid Kit – This is always a good idea to have, even in the car. Bandages, aspirin, gauze and wrap are all a good idea. Throwing a few hygiene products for the ladies will be appreciated.

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  2. Cell phone, charger and battery case – You keep your cell phone charged all of the time, but if the power goes out for an extended time, you’ll need an iPhone battery charging case that will keep your phone running longer than without one. Get one that is sturdy, sleek and designed to last – like the battery cases at Zohmo.

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