Everything you need to know about iPhone XS Battery Cases

August 28, 2019



The iPhone XS is a wonderful product with more features than the technology used to land on the moon.  Most owners, like clockwork, plug their iPhone XS in each day at around the same time to charge it up for the next day.  Heavy iPhone XS users often have to charge their iPhones more than once a day.  No matter which category of user of the iPhone, all can benefit from a battery case that attaches to the back of the iPhone XS.  The beauty of a battery case is as simple as it is helpful.  Adding a battery case to your current battery means the iPhone XS will have additional run time each day for all of the needs the user may have. 


Battery case is the term most people use when talking about external batteries.  Some may refer to them as charging cases, external battery, back battery or even the eloquent digital charging companion.


All of this is well and good, but the fact comes down to one thing about the iPhone XS and a battery case – all cases will provide the same charging experience as the next, allowing the user additional time with their iPhone XS.


mAh is an abbreviation seen on many advertisements and on spec sheets for the iPhone XS and other iPhone models at the local wireless store.  The term refers to milliamp hours.  This is the amount of time a battery will run before a recharge is necessary.  The larger the mAh seen on the specifications sheet, the longer the battery will last an iPhone XS user.




Anyone who would like more time on their iPhone XS or any iPhone model for videos, games, apps, talk and text time would benefit from a battery case.  This means, therefore, essentially everyone who does not currently have a battery case on their iPhone.  The iPhone XS can do some marvelous things, but the battery life is cut terribly short as a consequence.


Consider the following.  An iPhone battery with more than a year’s use will not last the same amount of time as a fresh, new battery.  Most people upgrade their iPhones not out of a desire for a new model but out of the need of a newer battery.  New iPhone contracts are for two years and very costly.  A battery case for the iPhone XS will suffice just as well for a fraction of the cost.


The battery charging cases available for the iPhone XS mean no more worries about a dying iPhone because of a charge or failing battery.  There is not one person who would not like more time with their iPhone XS each day for business and pleasure.




There are lots of phobias.  Some are common: heights, spiders, clowns and closed in spaces.  There is a new one entering the phobia vocabulary – nomophobia.  Nomophobia is the fear of not have a charging cable or ability to charge an iPhone XS when needed.  Much like any phobia, the effects on people are very real.  While it may not be on the list of phobias needed for therapy, there is a chance it may be some day.  Avoid nomophobia and its real physical effects with an iPhone XS charging case.  This way the concern of enough battery life will never be an issue.


There is one good thing about a dead iPhone – it can be charged easily and quickly.  What is neither easy or quick is a cracked screen because of negligence or accident.  A cracked screen is not only ugly, but it also makes the iPhone XS difficult to read and use properly.  A well-built charging case will help with some degree of protection against negligence and accidents.  Just like the insurance people say, “It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”  Why not protect the iPhone XS and give the battery a boost at the same time?  It is a real win/win for all involved.


An iPhone XS charging case will use the same standard charging cable that the iPhone currently uses.  This means there is no worry about keeping up with more than one cable or accidentally grabbing the wrong one on the way out of the house.  Plug in the iPhone XS with charging case attached at night before bed, and wake the next day with a fully charged charging case and iPhone XS. 


All batteries will eventually wear out.  Rechargeable batteries for the iPhone series are no different.  The lithium ion battery on the iPhone XS will eventually begin to lose its charging life.  Some iPhone XS users have had their batteries drop as much as 20 percent within two years of use.  Protect the battery longer with a battery case.  The extension provided by an iPhone XS battery case keeps the user from needing a new battery any time soon.


If that were not reason enough, it was not too long ago that Apple had to backtrack and fast because of a discovery from its iPhone user base.  The company released a new iOS, the system that runs the iPhone, that slowed the CPU if the battery life faded.  Many Apple users were less than pleased about this and let their feelings known across the Internet via forums, social media and web pages.  Apple made amends by cutting the price of their iPhone battery by an incredible $50.00 and released a patch to stop the slowed CPU.  Users of a battery charging case for their iPhone XS would have had nothing to worry about since their iPhone batteries would be protected.




The average cost of an iPhone XS charging case hovers around $30.00.  Those who are looking to save some money can likely find cheaper charging cases on the market, but they will not save any money in the long run.  Cheaper charging cases often fail or do not perform as promised with some failing within weeks of purchase.


There is the choice of the Apple charging case for the iPhone XS.  The price is $129.00 for a charging case with 1,400 mAh.  The case has a rating of 3.2/5.0 stars.  Those shelling out this price are only getting another Apple logo.  The price along with the review is not what many iPhone XS users are wanting in an Apple product.


Users all want the best of all worlds: a battery case that will meet 100 percent of their needs and wants.  The iPhone XS case needs the following: A decent price, more mAh than the Apple proprietary battery case, 360 degree protection from drops and the futuristic look that iPhone XS users demand in Apple products.  The solution is with Zohmo, a Seattle, Wash., company that carries iPhone XS and other model iPhone battery cases.  Their Z-Series has a lithium-polymer charging case for the XS and other iPhone models.




Brand loyalty matters with Apple fans.  The best iPhone XS battery cases need to meet their needs.  The following information will help make the most informed choice for an iPhone battery case:


  • Reputation – Everyone wants their dollar to go as far as it can. The best possible product at the best possible price is what they want.
  • Quality – All battery case manufacturers will tout their case is the best. How is it is the best? What do customers say on independent reviews?
  • Customer service – One customer having a bad experience will destroy a small company. The customer should be more important than the sale.  The customer should speak to a representative when calling about the battery charging case.  The representative should resolve the problem for the customer over the phone.
  • Returns/Guarantees – Does the customer have 100 percent satisfaction? Does the company have a fair return policy?  Is there a promise of service in case something happens?


This information is to protect the customer and consumer against spending money on a charging case that may not perform at their level of expectation.  An iPhone XS charging case is an investment in security.  Use this list of questions to guide the decision on the best battery case.

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