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Father’s Day Gift Ideas – An iPhone Battery Charging Case

June 03, 2019

It is almost that time of the year to celebrate all things Dad.  Chances are he has a drawer full of colognes, more ties than he will ever wear, plenty of nice dress shirts and a shed or garage full of gadgets and tools.  This year it makes sense to think outside of the box and get him something different.

There are several good reasons to get your father or grandfather an iPhone battery case for Father’s Day.  What follows in this blog is not a complete list of suggestions but gives you a good idea as to why a battery case for the iPhone is a superb idea.

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Chances are charging their iPhone is one of the last things a father thinks to do on a regular basis.  An iPhone battery case is the perfect solution.  This way your father will have plenty of charge for the day for calls and texts from the boss.

Fathers love gadgets.  From the aforementioned shed or garage of tools to today’s wireless products available in the home, the more interesting the gadget the better.  An iPhone charging case is an ideal solution for the many new wireless possibilities in the home.  A father can control the Apple TV, the thermostat and the home security system all from the comfort of the iPhone.  The extra charging capabilities from the case will help keep their iPhone charged longer than a standard battery charge.

Gadgets are all fine and good, but everyone likes to watch the occasional movie or YouTube video.  A quality charging case is the absolute perfect solution for when dad is away from a charging cable and is intently watching a great movie or series on YouTube.  A battery charging case with over 3,000 mAh is an ideal solution.

If your father is like mine, he has been through more than his share of cell phones until getting an iPhone.  Accidents happen.  It seems like with some fathers that accidents happen more frequently than most.  A charging case will help protect the iPhone from accidental drops.  The high quality polycarbonate case gives the corners excellent coverage and will even help keep the screen from cracking in the case of a drop.

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There are plenty of charging cases on the market.  Apple’s own charging case is 1,400 mAh at a cost of over $125.00.  This seems to be fairly steep for a Father’s Day gift.  The high quality iPhone charging cases available from Zohmo are over twice the mAh and are also at a price that is reasonable for a Father’s Day gift.  Zohmo offers model specific cases for any iPhone from the 6 all the way to the iPhone XR.

Every dad needs his one day a year to enjoy.  This year, think about getting your dad a special battery case for his iPhone.  It is a gift that will keep on giving for many Father’s Days to come.

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