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Finding the perfect Mother’s Day Gift

May 01, 2019

One of the biggest day’s of the year for flowers is around the corner.  It is hard to say which day is bigger when it comes to flower sales: Valentine’s or Mother’s Day.  Regardless, it is time to remember one of the most important people in your life.

You may be wondering why a battery case for Mom’s iPhone would make a great gift.  Actually, there are plenty of reasons why.  Here are ours in no particular order

  1. It provides extra charge – If your mother is anything like ours, chances are she is notorious for letting her iPhone go dead without charging it properly.
  2. It is something that is functional – Most mothers do not have many “wants” when it comes to gifts. This is why flowers are so popular. It is not something that will sit on a shelf. An iPhone battery case is useful.
  3. It makes space – External chargers can be very bulky and have the charging cable with them. It gets awkward trying to manipulate the charger and charging cable at the same time. A battery case makes more room for other things in mom’s purse.

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  4. She is not glued to an outlet – If your mother is a working professional that is not always in an office, having a battery case keeps her from having to plan her day around access to a charge for her iPhone. Instead, she can use her battery case.
  5. Facebook is always around – Mothers love Facebook. Pictures of children and grandchildren are treasures. Remembering to close Facebook when done so it does not drain the battery is a common issue.  The iPhone battery case helps keep that from happening.

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  6. Other apps – This is part of the Facebook issue. My mother, for example, is notorious for having 15,000 apps open at the same time. All of these drain battery faster than she realizes or realizes too late.
  7. Charging cable – My mother charges her phone in her bedroom each night. She does not think to take it with her when she leaves the house on errands. I tried, before I got her an iPhone battery case, to get her to keep an extra charging cable.  She refused.  “Too many cables.  I will lose it,” she said.
  8. It gives you peace of mind – Having a flat tire or accident is never fun. Since my mother will not keep a second cable for the car or in her purse, I have to hope her iPhone has a charge. I would rather have peace of mind that her iPhone has a consistent charge with a battery case.

    Flat tire on car

  9. Not that expensive – The Zohmo iPhone battery case is $59.99. It is relatively inexpensive when compared to other battery cases.
  10. Stylish – Zohmo’s battery case is sleek and looks good on the back of an iPhone. Your mother can remain trendy and stylish without you spending a small fortune in the process.


Don’t forget your mother in May.  Think outside of the florist this year with an iPhone battery case from Zohmo.

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