For the Grad: An iPhone Charging Case

For the Grad: An iPhone Charging Case

June 10, 2019

To quote the Grateful Dead, “What a long, strange trip it’s been.”  For the last 12 to 13 years of life, your new high school graduate has gone to school.  They have worked hard, earned their diploma and along the way found time to apply and be accepted to a university of choice.  Now, they have joined the graduating class of 2019 and are eager to move on to their next stage in life – the university experience.

Road Fork

Going off to college is a rite of passage.  It is time to pack up clothes and a few comforts from home and be off.  It may be your grad is going to a small school fairly close to home or going across the country to a top state university.  Either way, you want them to be safe and keep their iPhone handy and charged at all times while they are on the road.

This is why an iPhone battery charging case is such a great idea for a grad gift.  Most may have a charging cable in the car, but this is not always the absolute best way to charge an iPhone.  Most car chargers are not as reliable as a wall charger, so their iPhone may be playing videos or songs and not charging.  A charging case for their iPhone prevents this from happening.

The iPhone is one of the most invaluable tools available for a new graduate.  The GPS function in the iPhone is great, especially when going to a new location, either in or out of state.  Running the GPS and data simultaneously is draining on the iPhone battery.  An iPhone battery case is the perfect solution that will provide the extra battery life necessary to use the GPS and the data while not draining the iPhone completely.

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The university experience is often the first time being away from parents.  There is quite a bit the new student will have to learn – time management, money management, making new friends and adjusting to new schedules.  The last thing they need to concern themselves with is a dead or dying iPhone battery.  A charging case for their iPhone gives the freshly independent individual one less thing to worry about when navigating the university experience.

The best iPhone charging cases are stylish and sleek.  The iPhone battery cases available from Zohmo match the iPhone’s stylish design and hold a substantial charge for the user.

University Building

Starting university or college is a major step towards adulthood, and it is something all parents hope their children will do.  Give yourself, the parent, peace of mind by providing your child with the extra charging power of an iPhone battery case.  Visit Zohmo for a wide selection of battery charging cases for virtually all makes and models of the iPhone.  They feature charging cases for the iPhone 6 to the iPhone XR.

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