June 20, 2019



The iPhone 8 Plus is still popular among Apple iPhone enthusiasts.  Those who use their iPhone 8 Plus quite a bit during the day know charging the iPhone is one of the things they have to do.  Other users may only plug their iPhone 8 Plus in at the end of the day to charge overnight.  Both of these iPhone 8 Plus users have one thing in common – both sets of users can benefit from a battery case.  The benefit of the battery case means a longer use time each day no matter how much the iPhone 8 Plus is used.


Battery case is a catch-all term that covers many different terms.  Some names for the case include charging case, external battery, back battery and the ultra-fancy digital charging companion.


Put the name aside.  All of the battery cases will do the same thing for the iPhone 8 Plus.  All iPhones will provide additional usage time for various tasks and activities.


Those who have looked at their specification sheet for the iPhone 8 Plus may have noticed the abbreviation mAh.  This abbreviation means milliamp hour and is the time a battery will last before needing a recharge.  mAh is measured in the thousands, with the larger number providing additional time for the iPhone 8 Plus.




Pick a random iPhone 8 Plus user on the street, and ask them if they would like more time on their iPhone 8 Plus.  Chances are almost 100 percent of the people asked will agree they would like more time.  This is why a battery case is so good for the iPhone 8 Plus.  Users will be able to have more time for talk, text, video, apps and games.  All because of extended battery life provided by the battery case for the iPhone 8 Plus.


Most iPhone batteries will begin to lose charging capacity after some time.  Some iPhone 8 Plus users report a 20 percent drop in battery life after a two year period.  Most users elect to buy into a newer iPhone and contract.  This could be avoided with a battery charging case at a fraction of the cost.


Adding a battery charging case to the iPhone 8 Plus means the worry of a dying or dead iPhone at a critical time is no longer an issue.




The scenario: An iPhone 8 Plus user is in a hurry first thing in the morning.  They run out of the house without thinking much.  On the way to work, their iPhone rings.  It is the boss.  The boss begins talking, and by chance, the user glances at their battery life.  The battery is down to under 10 percent.  Frantically, they look for the charging cord, and it is not there.


The fear of a lost charging cable and dying iPhone is called nomophobia, and like many phobias, this phobia has the same characteristics of a phobia for anyone: sweating, increased pulse, dilated pupils and shallow breathing.


If the iPhone 8 Plus user would have had a battery charging case attached to the back of the iPhone, there would have been no serious concern about a dying iPhone 8 Plus.  There would have been enough battery charge to make it through the day or until a charging cable could be located.


It is possible to recharge a dying or dead iPhone 8 Plus.  It is not possible to plug in the iPhone and fix a cracked or broken screen.  Cracked and broken screens from accidents are common with the iPhone 8 Plus and all iPhones.  A quality battery charging case attached to the back of the iPhone 8 Plus would protect the iPhone in case of accidental drops and damage.  It is the perfect solution – protection against accidents and extra iPhone 8 Plus life.


The iPhone 8 Plus charging case uses the same charging cable as the iPhone.  This way the user will not have to keep up with more than one charging cable at any time.  All they need is a single charging cable for the iPhone 8 Plus and charging case.  Plug the case in at night before bed, and wake up the next morning with a fully charged iPhone 8 Plus and charging case.


The lithium ion battery in the iPhone 8 Plus will eventually a percentage of its charging capability.  It is common to have the iPhone 8 Plus’ battery to lose as much as 20 percent of capacity after a two year period.  Extend the battery life of the internal battery with a battery case.  The extra life provided by the

iPhone 8 Plus means there is no need for a new battery or to replace the iPhone 8 Plus.


Apple releases updates to its iOS at regular intervals.  It was not too long back that an iOS update caused quite a controversy among Apple iPhone 8 Plus users.  The iOS update slowed the CPU in the iPhone 8 Plus if the battery life was dropping.


iPhone 8 Plus users and other iPhone enthusiasts took to social media and the Internet to share their displeasure.  Apple sent a patch to change this part of the iOS and cut the price of its internal battery by  $50.00.


Those who had a charging case attached to their iPhone 8 Plus would have not had problems with the iOS update, slowed CPU or need to buy a new battery.  The charging case would have provided battery life backup protection for the iPhone 8 Plus.




The question of cost is always going to be an issue.  The average MSRP for an iPhone 8 Plus charging case is around $30.00.  There are cheaper models available, and those who choose those cheaper models often have buyer’s regret.  The cheaper charging cases do not function as well or have the mAh of their more expensive counterparts.


Apple offers an iPhone 8 Plus charging case.  The case offers 1,400 mAh at a price of $129.00.  This is a very steep price for a charging case that has lackluster, 3.2/5.0 stars, reviews on websites and forums.    iPhone 8 Plus users would be better served finding a charging case at another location.


iPhone 8 Plus users want everything in a battery case: A decent price, more mAh than the Apple models, excellent 360 protection from accidents and the look that comes with the iPhone.  All of this is available at Zohmo, a Seattle, Wash., company that carries battery cases for the iPhone 8 Plus and other  iPhone models.  They have a Z-Series lithium-polymer battery case for the iPhone 8 Plus and other iPhone models.




Apple is known for its fanatical user base.  All iPhone 8 Plus users want the absolute best when it comes to their iPhones and accessories.  Here is a list of things to consider when shopping for a battery case for the iPhone 8 Plus.


  • Reputation – Does the product have good reviews on websites and forums? Is it the best possible product at the best possible price?
  • Quality – All battery case manufacturers for the iPhone 8 Plus tout theirs as the finest. What sets their company apart from the other companies?
  • Customer service – If a battery case owner calls the company, do they speak with a person or a computer? Can the representative answer the questions over the phone?
  • Returns/Guarantees – What is the return policy if not satisfied? What is the service plan?  Is there fine print to review and go over before sending a product back?


These pointers and questions should guide a decision on an iPhone 8 Plus battery case.  The purchase of a battery charging case is an investment in the iPhone 8 Plus and should be made wisely.

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