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Going Camping?  Don’t forget your battery case

February 22, 2019

The great outdoors is a wonderful place.  The weather now is absolutely perfect for being outside.  It is not brutally hot nor bone-chilling cold.  Those who yearn for the outdoors are quite possibly in heaven right now and are looking forward to their next jaunt, and where it may take them.

Experienced campers know what to have handy and are always prepared for the unexpected.  There was a time, not too long ago, where camping without a cell phone or an iPhone was commonplace.  People would let others know where they were going, how long they expected to stay and when they would return.
Zohmo iphone battery case on backpack in the woods

That was then.  This is now.  Camping can be as high tech or as low tech as the camper would like.  There are those who insist on ‘glamping’ (look it up), and those who are happy just to be outside.

No matter who you are, two things you should have on you at all times are your iPhone and your iPhone X battery case to go with it.  There is always a chance you will not be able to make a call but the GPS should still work along with the data.  It can be enough to get you and any campers with you out of a jam.  There are few things scarier than being lost.  Being lost and in the dark is probably about the limit.  An iPhone battery case can help keep your iPhone alive longer until you can reach somewhere familiar.

There are other reasons to have an iPhone battery case with you as well.  Kids in particular, who are accustomed to video games and electronics will likely appreciate being able to enjoy themselves on your or their iPhone longer.  The extended time made available because of the iPhone X battery case will likely help with the inevitable “I’m bored!” comments that are sure to fill the night air.
Zohmo iPhone Charging Case on the tailgate of a truck

Even if you are not taking kids with you on your camping trip, having a battery case makes good sense.  You are certainly planning on shooting video, snapping pictures and if available, checking in via Wi-Fi or data with family back home.  The extended life made available from the battery case is certainly something that will come in handy.

Still not completely convinced?  Zohmo’s iPhone X battery cases are designed with a high grade polycarbonate casing and are perfect for the rough and tumble world of camping.  The case can handle the inevitable bumps and drops that will come with camping as well as the occasional accidental sit on or similar.

There you have it.  Solid reasons why an iPhone charging case is so helpful when camping.  Be sure to visit Zohmo.com and see the full range of battery case options for the iPhone from the 6 to the XS.


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