Heavy iPhone Use Can benefit greatly from a battery case

November 13, 2018

It may have taken some time, but Apple has finally caught up with other phone manufacturers with wireless charging.  This is a great concept, until you consider something about this.

Heavy smartphone users, like those who need data for business, video calls and the like, find their battery life is shortened significantly because of the heavy use.  Apple batteries are normally fairly well built and last for quite a while, especially if the batteries are the proprietary ones.

Wireless charging for all of its convenience does have some drawbacks.  What if you cannot get to or have access to a wireless charging point, and you need battery life?  Worse yet, there are studies that show Samsung’s Note 9, Apple’s largest competitor, has a 20 percent larger battery. has the answer for you with its iPhone XS Max battery case and the iPhone XS Max charging case.

The beauty of an iPhone XS Max charging case is the battery keeps a charge considerably longer than without one.  The sleek, aluminum design of the case means a sharp look that carefully matches the iPhone itself and provides the owner with the Apple experience they want.

20 percent may not sound like much to the average user, and they are not going to worry too much about this fact.  True Apple purists, however, will certainly take this into consideration.  After all, they take their products seriously and are always looking for that edge over the competition.  This means the iPhone XS Max battery case from Zohmo is the solution they are wanting to maintain that edge.

Visit to learn more and to see their variety of iPhone battery and charging cases.

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