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Hiking Essentials

May 06, 2019

With the summer right around the corner and the days nice and long, many are finding the great outdoors inviting.  Some may enjoy fishing or canoeing, while others find hiking to be the activity of choice.

There are a good many places around the U.S. to enjoy a hike, and a good hike can take anywhere from an hour up to six months if you are game to do the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. 

Anyway you look at it, there are plenty of positive advantages to heading out on a hike.  Fresh air, sunshine and exercise are all good for you.

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We at Zohmo, your location for iPhone battery cases, want you to enjoy yourself on your hike.  This is why we want to provide you with a few essentials for when you decide to sojourn and take a stroll.


  1. Quality boots – Sturdy ankle support is vital. Some trails are uneven and rocky. A proper pair of hiking boots minimizes the chance of injury.
  2. Quality pack – Just like boots, do not skimp on this part. A quality pack means you will have less fatigue while on a long trek. Consider: Fresh water may be several miles from a current location.  You will have to make that journey if you want to refill a canteen.
  3. Water – This goes without saying. Fresh water is vital. Do not take the chance of that cold mountain stream as bacteria and nasties can harbor in it and ruin your hike.  Taking some purification tablets or filters is a good idea if you can afford the weight and space.
  4. Moleskin – This thick bandage-like material will help those blisters from rubbing. Some people even put it on before they walk for that very purpose.
  5. Snacks – You want two things: complex carbs and protein. Think nuts, fruits and jerky. You can buy these yourself, but your friend Google has plenty of recipes that are much cheaper.
  6. Socks – Like boots and a pack, good socks cannot be overlooked. There are plenty available on the market. Thicker the better when it comes to socks.  Do not go to the local big box store and buy those. Spend the extra money on some good ones.
  7. Personal items – Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and the like. Ladies, you know what to bring. If you want to make yourself into a hero among other hiking enthusiasts, pack extras, and share.
  8. Sunglasses – Polarized are best as these cut down on glare. Have a lanyard to hold onto them.
  9. iPhone – You are going to see some sights and sounds that you will not be able to reproduce again. Get those shots and video. Load them to your Instagram, Facebook or cloud to enjoy for years to come.
  10. iPhone battery case – Serious hikers know to keep weight as low as possible. A battery case for your iPhone is less bulk and cumbersome than an external battery. Double your battery span until you can get to a charging point.

 boots hanging over moutain

The reasons for an iPhone battery case while you are hiking could be a blog to itself, but for now, just be certain to have one with you.  Happy Trails!

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