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July 01, 2019

It is here, and many who live for the latest from Apple are extremely excited.  It is iOS 13.  iOS 13 is the latest of Apple’s operating software for the iPhone.  This blog is going to look at a few of those features.  Come back to other blogs to see additional updates.  This first updates will look at Dark Mode, Photos, Camera, a new HUD, better Find My and Maps.  Of course, an iPhone battery case for your iPhone will help make the most of the iOS 13 features.

The biggest of the changes is probably the fact iOS 13 is faster than iOS 12.  This translates into faster app updates, launch times and download sized.

No longer do you have to change the screen when it gets dark or lightens up.  Dark Mode can work at sunset or on your own schedule.  The proprietary Apple apps have support built in, 3rd party apps have APIs or Dark Mode integration.

iPhone Apps

The Photos app has some new features.  The entire library is curated, has highlights in your life by a choice of chronology.  Videos are now organized as well making them easier to find.  Tools make it easier to edit images and are found at the bottom of the app.  Use the slider when you tap “Edit.”

These editing tools are perfect for video, rotating, cropping and filtering.  The Camera app has Portrait Lighting – changing the location of the light depending on your choice of look.  High-Key Mono lighting gives a classic monochromatic look.

Apple users who love videos will find the updated HUD, dialog box for the volume, is not as large and bothersome.  Downloading apps is possible over an LTE instead of WiFi.

The ‘Find My’ app combines the best of Find My iPhone and Find My Friends.  Now, you can find your devices using Bluetooth and other iOS devices – even if yours is offline.

Sign In gives an additional level of privacy.  You have a more convenient way to sign into apps and websites that is more data safe.  Your personal Apple ID checks your account by Touch ID or Face ID.  App developers see a random ID instead of your personal information.

Also new, for those who hate having to sign into websites or create accounts, is a way to make single-use random email addresses.  Couple this to a two-factor authentication for additional security.

Apple iphone x

Also new are controls to keep location data from being shared with apps.  Now, apps can be limited to a one-time location with Apple giving additional notice for apps that are looking for your location in the background.

The Maps app is updated.  There is broader road coverage, better data for pedestrians, better addresses and land cover.  It will be in the entire U.S. by the end of 2019 and move to most countries in 2020.

Apple has caught up to Google Street View with its Maps, as iPhone users can see street-level imagery.  The Collections feature will allow you to share favorite places and with the Favorites option, save directions to your favorite places.

These are a lot of changes, and there are more changes to come.  Be sure you have your iPhone connected to an iPhone XR battery case so you will be able to enjoy all those features longer.

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