iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case – What is it?

May 17, 2019



All iPhones contain rechargeable batteries.  Including a high quality battery case to the iPhone 7 Plus gives the iPhone 7 Plus user additional time on their iPhone for daily usage.


There are a plethora of terms for a battery case.  Some refer to them as battery cases, charging cases, external battery and sometimes external digital charging companion.


No matter the name, all battery cases perform the same task – giving the iPhone 7 Plus user extra use on their iPhone for all of its features from talk and text to games.


Looking at the specifications of the iPhone 7 Plus, many see the abbreviation mAh.  This term means ‘milliamp hours,’ and refers to the total time available on a fully charged iPhone 7 Plus.  Larger batteries have a larger mAh number, often expressed in the thousands.




There is a single reason to have a battery charging case for the iPhone 7 Plus.  There is not one owner of the iPhone 7 Plus who would not like to enjoy the use of their iPhone for a longer time between charges.  The iPhone 7 Plus is one of Apple’s better iPhones, but this comes at the cost of a faster battery drain to supplement all of the features.


Lithium ion batteries, as they age, cannot hold the same charge as a newer battery.  The iPhone 7 Plus will eventually require a new battery or the investment in a newer, more expensive iPhone.  The battery case helps forestall this necessity of a new battery and is smarter fiscally as well.


The iPhone 7 Plus battery charging case means the user will enjoy more of the iPhone’s functions on a single battery charge.  All iPhone users would appreciate more time to talk, text, watch and make videos as well as use the apps available for the iPhone7 Plus  in the App Store.




There is a situation many have experienced, and all will at some point.  The iPhone 7 Plus user is running late for work or an appointment.  The user leaves the house or office but forgets their charging cable for the iPhone 7 Plus.


Physical effects occur.  Sweaty palms, quickened pulse and shallow breathing are all a part of suffering from a phobia, an irrational fear of something.  Nomophobia is a relatively new phobia and is tied to technology.  Nomophobia is the fear of not having a charging cable and a dying iPhone.


Rather than suffer, invest in a battery charging case for the iPhone 7 Plus.  The charging case will keep the nomophobia at bay while giving the user time to recharge their iPhone.


The only thing worse than a dead iPhone 7 Plus is a dead iPhone 7 Plus with a cracked screen.  Cracked screens are common for iPhone users.  A charging case will protect the iPhone from damage when accidentally dropped.


iPhone 7 Plus charging cases use the same charging cable that comes with the iPhone 7 Plus from the wireless carrier store.  There is no need to have a second cable to confuse with the primary charging cable.  Plug in the charging case like any chargeable device, and wait.  In time, there is a fully charged iPhone 7 Plus and charging case ready to use for the day.


It is a fact that over time, lithium ion batteries lose charge capacity.  It is common for some batteries to lose approximately 20 percent of charge capability over a two year period.  This means the total use time will fall, and users will need to recharge their iPhone 7 Plus more frequently.  Having a charging case raises the iPhone 7 Plus battery life.  This means an expensive battery replacement is not needed.


Those who do need a replacement battery for the iPhone 7 Plus will find the price of the Apple battery was cut by $50.00 after the iOS scandal that plagued iPhone users some time back.  Apple released an iOS update with a feature that slowed the CPU if a battery was losing charge capability.  iPhone 7 Plus and other iPhone users quickly expressed their displeasure.  Apple sent out a patch to fix the iOS and make amends, dropped the price of its battery.


Those who had a battery charging case would have not noticed because the internal battery would not suffered loss of charging capability.  Users of the iPhone 7 Plus would be able to continue using their iPhones without concern before and after the iOS updates.




Most iPhone 7 Plus charging cases start at a MSRP of around $30.00.  In this situation, as in most situations when buying something is involved, you get what you pay for.  The $30.00 may seem steep to some, and they seek a cheaper charging case.  The cheaper case does not have the same charging capacity, often fails within a short term and do not provide the protection afforded by better cases.


Apple has its own charging case.  The model retails for $129.00 and has a battery capacity of 1,400 mAh.  Owners have not been impressed with the case, giving the charging case 3.2/5.0 stars on many review websites.  This is well below the expectation that many users of the iPhone 7 Plus have for a charging case.


The best battery case has to appeal to the wallet, not be too cheap and have a respectable mAh.  There is a company that meets all of these requirements for the user of the iPhone 7 Plus.  A charging case that offers all of the above plus protection from accidents and a sleek, futuristic design.  Zohmo, out of Seattle, Wash., offers a line of iPhone charging cases and has one specifically for the iPhone 7 Plus.  Their Z-Series lithium-polymer rechargeable battery offer full 360 degree protection with more mAh than the Apple charging case.




Smart shoppers go online, read reviews and compare before spending any of their hard earned money on an iPhone 7 Plus charging case.  They look for:


  • Reputation – Does the company have a reasonably priced, quality product? Is the company in good standing on review sites, the BBB and the Secretary of State department?
  • Quality – All companies say their iPhone 7 Plus charging case is the best. What is special about this company compared to the others?  What do the reviews say?
  • Customer service – If a customer calls, do they speak to a computer or a person? Can the representative help the customer on the phone with the problem?
  • Returns/Guarantees – There is a promise of 100 percent satisfaction. Is there a catch or fine print?  What is the return policy?


The owner of an iPhone 7 Plus already has taken steps to find the best in an iPhone.  These steps will help them find the best in an iPhone charging case as well.


These are not questions to take lightly.  All of them need careful consideration for those actively searching for an iPhone battery charging case.  Using these recommendations will help the user to find the perfect battery case without the pain of wasting their money on a case that fails in only a short time.


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