iPhone XS Max vs. Samsung Note 9

November 14, 2018

Perhaps you may have read here recently on about the recent battery battle between the iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Note 9.  Well, Apple purists, rejoice.  It so happens another Apple-fanatic found out some interesting news about this particular battle.  Read on to see what happened.

This particular user changed some of the settings on the display of the Note 9, bringing it closer to the same resolution on the Apple iPhone XS.  The results were somewhat surprising.  The Apple iPhone XS actually outlasted the Note 9 by a slim margin of 12 minutes.

12 minutes may not sound like a significant amount, but there are times when 12 minutes could be a make or break situation that many people will find absolutely necessary.

Yes; the Apple iPhone XS lasted longer, but there is a way to make it last even longer than that and maintain that prized Apple look that so many know and love. offers two iPhone battery and charging cases.  Each one of these gives the iPhone a must needed boost in battery life that will make a difference not only in the daily use of the iPhone but also across the life of the phone’s battery.  Remember: it was not too long back about the iOS fiasco.

The best part about the iPhone battery case and iPhone charging case from is the look.  Keeping up with the stylish and sleek designs that Apple users now have, crave and expect from the company, maintains this while still providing a battery or charging case that heavy users will love.

Interested in learning more?  Visit to see their full line of options for all of the latest iPhone battery and charging case options.

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