Juice Jacking – The Latest in Cyber Crimes

Juice Jacking – The Latest in Cyber Crimes

December 03, 2019

The times are changing.  At one time, it was highly recommended to exercise real caution when using public wi-fi.  The world of cyber hacking has taken a new turn and is now using public charging stations to hijack personal information and data from cellular devices.

Nicknamed “juice jacking,” the object is to get an unsuspecting person to plug into what appears to be a regular charging station.  Once in, thieves quickly and easily make off with your personal information, and we all know the price of identity theft.  Most iPhone users do not realize it, but data is transferred during a charging session.  Simple software and an Internet connection are all that is necessary for a criminal to tap into personal data.

Man in airport holding iPhone

The most common places this is happening are the large, public places that people congregate and need to charge devices.  The number one location are airports, and with the holiday weekend on us, it is highly likely someone will be waiting for the opportunity to help themselves to an early holiday with your money and highly personal information.

Other common locations include hotels and even more recently, ride shares.  Ride share operators often offer free charging and wi-fi to their passengers as a courtesy.  It is a perfect time for criminals to help themselves to your private information.

This is not to say there is nothing you can do.  The best solution is not to use any public charging at all, and instead depend on your own personal charging.  The Zohmo iPhone XS battery case is ideal as the battery case provides an impressive 3,200 mAh of additional usage time, meaning users will be able to get to a location or place where their privacy while charging is guaranteed.

Besides personal identification protection, the Zohmo iPhone X battery case line protects the iPhone from dings and drops with its high density polycarbonate case with reinforced corners.  This is especially helpful when moving through large, public locations when bumps into others are common.  The additional protection of the battery case means your iPhone will be safer, longer and now in more than one way.

iPhone X Battery Case

The holiday season is around the corner, and that means shopping for your loved ones.  Think outside of the box this season and get them their own iPhone X battery case.  The thinnest battery case on the market with a battery life that is almost double that of the Apple proprietary case, the Zohmo iPhone battery case is perfect for any Apple user.

Zohmo wants you to be safe this holiday season.  Exercise caution when using any public charging stations before your iPhone X or XS battery case arrives.  When prompted if you trust the location, select ‘No.’

Be sure to visit for a full line of battery cases for all of the iPhone X line.  There are even battery cases for iPhone 6 to the 11, and all have the same great money back guarantee, safe shopping and fast shipping to your door.



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