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Kayak Trip

August 09, 2019

Today’s kayaks are nothing like the ones of yesteryear.  Light, plenty of storage and easy to paddle, more and more people are taking kayak trips of more than a day, electing to enjoy the outdoors for a few days at a time.

Going outdoors for a period of time requires two things: advanced planning and gear.  Here is what we recommend for a kayak trip over a single day.

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Like the description, dry bags and boxes are watertight.  Some even float in case of a turn over.  Boxes are better for things like your iPhone and battery charging case, identification, cash and the like.  Bags are great for food and extra sets of clothes. 

Think small; you have limited space in the kayak.


You are on the water.  You may take on water.  This is not a good thing.  A bilge pump or sponge can get water out of your kayak before a catastrophe, turning a fun trip into a nightmare.


Again, think light and small.  You may fancy yourself becoming one with nature, but you could possibly become one with mosquitoes.  Go with a freestanding option in case staking is not an option when stopping for a break.


Leave the heavy down bag at the house.  Bring a synthetic-fill bag.  They resist wetness much better.  You may think a sleeping bag is not necessary, but the ground is unforgiving.  If nothing else, you have a nice pillow.

front of kayak on water


Some locations require you to have one.  You may be a strong swimmer, but unconscious swimmers do not swim well.  A life jacket also blocks the sun or gives you a boost while cooling off in the water.  Light and comfortable is the way to go.


Samuel David Coleridge wrote in his Rime of the Ancient Mariner, “Water, water everywhere/nor any drop to drink.”

There is certainly no shortage of water on a kayak trip.  There is a shortage of safe, drinkable water.  You can boil water, certainly, but is the equipment worth the weight?  Tablets and a filter are quick, easy and light.


Most rivers do not have canopies covering them.  This means you will be exposed to direct sun for most of the day.  Pack good sunscreen, and keep reapplying it with regularity.  Be sure to get your face.  There is not a specific sunscreen recommended, but the higher SPF is best.  Sunscreen for babies is a great way to go.

Sunglasses should be polarized to cut down on glare.


Have a change of clothes, light long sleeve shirt.  A large, floppy hat with broad brim is also a good idea.


You are quite possibly going to a new area.  You will want pictures and video for sure.  There may not be cell service, but you will still need some battery life for your iPhone.  An iPhone 7 battery case is not going to be extra weight, so having one is a wise idea.

If you do have cell service and are in an emergency, extra battery life is always a good idea.  Visit Zohmo for the best selection in iPhone battery charging cases. Known for having the best iPhone 7 battery case, Zohmo also carries battery cases ranging from the iPhone 6 battery case to their most recent iPhone XS Max battery case.

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