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Low Battery Nightmare

December 12, 2018

It’s my worst nightmare.  Fortunately, my story has a happy ending because I have the iPhone XS battery case from Zohmo.

I’m a busy, successful saleswoman.  I have been in pharmaceutical sales since I graduated from college.  Marriage followed as did a family.

It is a struggle to juggle all three, but I manage.  My iPhone gets a workout every day.  Calling between doctor’s offices, the home office, checking in with the sitter and infant, hearing from my husband, my mother and sister takes a toll on my iPhone’s battery life.

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Meanwhile, my eldest has practice after school four days a week.  Normally, she catches a ride with another mom when I am out of town working.  She always calls and checks in when she gets home.  She’s responsible like that.

One morning, I wake up late.  My husband has already gone and taken the eldest with him.  The sitter came, which is how you know you’ve overslept.  It is a rush to get out of the house and on the road.  One of my favorite appointments is expecting me today - most of my bonus comes from this office.  Meeting with the doctors is always interesting.  This practice is old school, established in their ways and very reluctant about changes.  What I have now, however, may be right up their alley if I can only get them to buy into it.

I am about half way to the practice.  It is in another town and a bit of a ride.  All is going well so far.  Then I glance down at my phone; out of habit more so than anything.

I go limp and pale.

I forgot to plug in my iPhone last night to charge it.  It is blinking red….20 percent.  So I pull over to get the car charger.  You know, the one I loaned to my daughter yesterday because she was riding with her dad today.

My phone rings.  It is the office.  It’s my boss.  Who always has plenty to say.

Boss at office texting on phone

So, I listen to what he is saying, trying to get a word in about the fact that my phone is dying.  I almost manage, and the phone call drops.  Am I in a dead zone?  Glancing down, I see why the call dropped.  The iPhone is dead.  I am dead inside. 

Or am I?  Of course not!

I have seen firsthand what happens to a fellow salesperson who had a dropped call.  They lost a promising lead because the doctor on the other end of the call thought he had been hung up on during their discussion.  I am determined not to let this happen, so I did some shopping and found the perfect solution – an iPhone XS battery case from Zohmo.

Sleek and stylish, the iPhone XS battery case packs enough extra juice where you can handle everything the day will throw at you, even with a boss with plenty to say. 

Be prepared.  Don’t let low-battery anxiety get a hold of you.  Pick up an iPhone battery case today from Zohmo.  I promise you’ll be happy you did.


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