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Making the most of your iPhone Battery

July 24, 2019

There are a few things you will never have enough of: money, space in the house and battery life on your iPhone.  One of these can be fixed with a battery charging case.  Zohmo has one for all the iPhones from the iPhone 6 battery case to the iPhone XR battery case.  Be sure to look at the main site for yours.

iPhone Battery

So, what can you do in the meantime before you get your battery case?  Here are 10 tips for you to save as much battery life as you can.

  1. Detective work – Go to Settings > Battery. There is an overview here of which apps are using what power. Those apps you do not use on a regular basis or using too much power should be closed and certainly not used when the battery life is low.
  1. Low Power Mode – Go to Settings > Battery and turn this on. This kicks in when your iPhone battery life is at or under 20 percent.  Apps that run in the background (proprietary apps and such) and automatic downloads are held off until the iPhone is set to recharge.
  1. Auto-Lock – Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock. Turn this on to the absolute lowest level you can handle. The less time the iPhone takes to lock the better for your battery.
  1. Location services – Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Change to “While Using.” Some of the apps on the iPhone track your location even if the apps are running passively in the background.
  1. No ‘Push’ – Go to Settings > Accounts and Passwords > Fetch New Data. You want to select “Fetch” for each of your email accounts. Fetch means the iPhone looks for new mail every 15 minutes instead of instantly.  Those who are exceptionally iPhone savvy can use the “Manual” option.
  1. Auto-brightness – Go to Settings > General >Accessibility > Display Accommodations. Turn ‘Auto-brightness’ on. This will keep your screen from being brighter than absolutely necessary.
  1. No Data – Keep your Wifi options up at all times. Swipe up and tap the Wifi icon. This will have the iPhone use available Wifi connections instead of data.  Data is a battery killer.  If you can afford to have it turned off, do that as well.
  1. Background auto-refresh – Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Toggle this off. Apps are always refreshing for updates, even when they are running passively in the background. This saves battery life.
  1. Airplane Mode for no cell service – Go to your Control Center swiping up from the bottom turn Airplane Mode on. This will stop the iPhone from searching for a cell signal.
  1. Invest in the best iPhone 6 battery case – A high quality battery case will give you all the battery life you will need plus the added protection of a case. This means your iPhone is protected from accidental dropping or running into something. Your friends at Zohmo have a battery charging case to match your iPhone.

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