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Music Festivals

May 20, 2019

Coachella, Lollapolooza, the failed Fyre Festival and other music festivals draw people from all over the world.  Days upon days of music and people all bound together with the same focus – feeling the vibe of the music.

music festival 

If you are planning on attending a music festival any time soon, you will need to be ready.  Packing for a music festival means taking certain things you will certainly need and a good number of things you may not consider.  We are presenting a partial list of what is a good idea to pack for your festival.  Of course, check for the specific rules and regulations.  All vary by event.  Here is what we at Zohmo suggest that you bring:

  1. Daypack – You will need something to carry your stuff in. A small day pack is the ideal way to go. Make sure it is stylish.
  2. Cash/credit card – Bring small bills, like one’s, and a debit card. Keep both close to your body and in a front pocket for preference.
  3. Water or hydration pack – Most festivals are going to be outside and in warmer weather. Water is a premium, and water sales command premium prices. Stock up for yourself.
  4. Sunscreen – Again, outside. Sunshine. Don’t ruin your good time with a painful sunburn.
  5. Personal care wipes – Perfect for your hands and for using porta-potties.
  6. Sun hat – We are not going to drop that whole sun issue. Skin cancer is a real thing.
  7. Moisture wicking clothes – We know it looks cool and trendy to dress a certain way. Unless you have mondo bucks and can afford real luxury at the event, do something to keep you cool.
  8. Light jacket – As much as the sun is great in the day, the nights can get cool. You were sweating all day and now cooling down. Chills are possible.
  9. iPhone – You want pictures and videos of friends and performances. Get them!
  10. Charging case – You need your hands free to dance.  Dealing with a charging cable and external charger is a pain.  Use a charging case for your iPhone instead.  You will get double the life span of your battery.

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to find a charging station during the festival.  A charging case from Zohmo for your iPhone is the perfect way to enjoy your festival, get the pictures and video.  You will not have any concerns.

Music Festival

Zohmo charging cases are also sleek, stylish and attractive.  There is a charging case for almost all iPhones.  Get your tickets, find your friends and your groove, hit the festival and have a great time.  We at Zohmo would love to hear about the event and our charging case.

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