Please explain what an iPhone X Battery Case is

July 17, 2019



As the proud owner of an iPhone X, each night or more often if necessary, the iPhone X gets plugged into a wall socket and charge the iPhone X for the next day.  Adding a battery case to the current battery and iPhone X is simply giving the device some additional usage and time throughout its busy day. 


The words battery case are standard, but some may refer to the case as any of the following: charging case, external battery, back batter and for the verbose among us, digital charging companion.


The name is irrelevant when it comes to the iPhone X and battery cases.  All of the cases will perform the exact same function as the others – provide an iPhone X with an extended life on each charge.


The term mAh appears on batteries and battery cases.  Most people do not know what this term means.  It is an abbreviation for ‘milliamp hours.’  A milliamp hour is a measurement of the amount of time a battery has before charging is required.  The larger the mAh seen, the more use time a user will get from their iPhone X. 




Simply put: Everyone who has an iPhone X needs a battery case.  There is not one owner of this make and model iPhone who can say that their iPhone X has plenty of battery life for daily needs.  The iPhone X is a great phone with phenomenal features and can run some incredible apps.  The price paid is a battery life that is short and fleeting.


Think about it this way.  An older iPhone battery will not hold a full charge for the same time as a new iPhone battery.  Those who have an iPhone X likely upgraded from an older iPhone because of a failing battery.  There is no need to make the costly investment in a new iPhone when a battery case will serve just as well if not better.


iPhone X battery charging cases mean the user will be able to enjoy all of the features of their iPhone X longer.  There is no concern about a dying battery and lack of a chance to recharge a dying battery.  Quick question: Who would not like more time for videos, games, apps, texting and talking on their iPhone X?  The answer is obvious.  No one.




Phobia means fear in Greek.  At some point and time, every iPhone X will encounter this experience that can trigger a relatively new phobia.  They will run late in the morning.  Grab everything needs for the day, and run out of the house.  Left on the table or bedroom is the charging cable for their iPhone X.  Palms get sweaty; pulses quicken and a general sense of doom will set in.  This in nomophobia – the fear of a missing charging cable.  Rather than live in fear and have expensive therapy sessions, get an iPhone X battery case.  The fears of a failing battery or no charge will be a thing of the past.  The boost of the mAh provided by the battery case means outstanding iPhone time.  There will be no need to rush home, ask around for a charging cable or deal with the feeling of impending doom.


There is another issue to consider.  The cracked screen is the bane of all iPhone users.  Think of an iPhone X charging case as an investment in security and insurance against accidental drops and falls.  The addition of the charging case will provide some degree of protection against screen cracks due to drops and falls.  A quality charging case is an investment in insurance that charges the iPhone X.


The best iPhone battery cases will have the same charging cable as the iPhone X.  This means no need for two charging cables or need to unmount the battery case each time it or the iPhone X requires a charge.  Plug the charging case in as normal.  The iPhone X battery and charging case will charge like normal.  Put both on to charge overnight.  Wake up the next morning with a freshly charged battery case and iPhone X.  What more could an iPhone X user ask for?


The manta remains true: A battery case for the iPhone X lengthens the battery life.  Lithium batteries are like any battery.  Over time the battery will lose its charging capabilities.  This means the battery life will fall.  It is common for an iPhone battery to lose 20 percent of its life after as little as two years.  This means less usage time.  A battery case will help protect that battery life longer.  This extended battery life means a battery replacement is not needed.


This is old news now, but not to long ago Apple released an iOS update.  This update slowed the CPU of iPhones when the battery life began to fall.  It did not take long for the Apple community to learn this, and there were some very angry iPhone users who did not take this update lightly.  Apple quickly had to atone for this in two ways: 1. Apple changed the iOS; 2. Apple cut the price of its iPhone battery by $50.00.  An owner of a battery charging case for the iPhone X would have never noticed any issues with the iOS update.  Their iPhone X batteries would be protected against a shortened lifespan.




The better iPhone X charging cases will average around $30.00.  There are cheaper charging cases available on the market, and many elect to own one in the thought of saving a few dollars.  The axiom is still true – you get what you pay for.  A cheaper charging case has a tendency to fail within a relatively short time.  Some have reported their charging cases dying within a few weeks of purchase. 


Apple makes its own charging case for the iPhone X and other iPhone models.  The price requires a double take as the MSRP is $129.00 and has 1,400 mAh.  For this amount, an iPhone X user gets the charging case with the Apple logo.  If this is not enough to consider another product, users have given the iPhone X battery case 3.2/5.0 stars.  Is this what the average user of the iPhone X expects from Apple?  Certainly not.


There has to be a happy medium between the wallet and the task when it comes to a battery case for the iPhone X.  There must be a battery case to meet 100 percent of the customer’s wants and needs in a battery case.  The iPhone X charging case has to meet the following criteria: A fair price, better mAh than the Apple product, true 360 degree protection from accidental drops and a design that matches the iPhone X’s sleek look.  The Seattle, Wash., based company Zohmo carries iPhone X battery cases.  Their popular Z-Series has lithium-polymer charging case for the iPhone X and other iPhone models.




People have brand loyalty.  There are certain goods and services they prefer when it comes to their dollar.  Finding the best in iPhone X battery cases is no different.  Use the following information as a guideline to finding the best brand of battery case:


  • Reputation – A reasonable price for a quality product is all anyone wants. Does this company have good standing with the Better Business Bureau and the Secretary of State?
  • Quality – All battery case companies will say their product is the best on the market. What is it that sets their battery case apart from all of the other cases?  What do customers say on reviews?
  • Customer service – One bad customer service experience can condemn a company. What is most important to the company – the sale or the customer’s experience?  Can a customer call a service line, and speak to a real person and not a computer?  Can the representative resolve the customer’s issue over the phone?
  • Returns/Guarantees – Is there 100 percent satisfaction? Is there a decent return policy?  What happens if the charging case fails?  Is there a real guarantee of service?


This is not information to gloss over and ignore.  Each bulleted piece of information needs consideration.  An iPhone battery charging case is an investment for the iPhone X.  This list of questions will aid any iPhone X user in finding the ideal battery case without the painful experience of wasting money on a poorly designed product.

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