Pro and Cons of iPhone 8 Battery Cases

Pro and Cons of iPhone 8 Battery Cases

July 30, 2019

iOS 13 is due to be released soon.  The update will only be available for the iPhone 7 models and up.  If you are one of the many who have an iPhone 8 or newer then you will be in good shape with iOS updates for some time.  No matter if you are upgrading to an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus or are considering an iPhone battery case for your 8 model.

It can be a real annoyance and bother to be out for the day running errands or some other purpose only to have the iPhone battery go dead on you.  There are times when access to an outlet is simply not an option even if you do have your charging cable with you.  This is why an iPhone 8 battery case is your absolute best option.

Zohmo’s thinnest iPhone 8 battery case brings 3,000 mAh to the standard phone.  This is more than enough additional battery time for the serious users.  The iPhone 8 Plus battery case has even more – 4,000 mAh to add to the standard battery life.

If you are on the fence about having a battery case, consider the pros and cons of Zohmo’s best iPhone 8 battery case.


  • The additional battery life. Like houses, iPhones can never have enough storage or battery life.
  • Thin – Zohmo’s cases are some of the thinnest on the market.
  • Sleek – The futuristic polycarbonate shell stays true to Apple’s sleek aluminum case design.
  • Same charging cable – Leave your battery case on the iPhone all the time. The battery case charges with a standard iPhone cable. Plug it in at night and wake up with a fully charged iPhone and battery case.

It is clear the pros are pretty solid.  There are a few cons, but you will see they are minor when taken overall.


  • The iPhone will be slightly larger because of the case.
  • The iPhone will be slightly heavier due to the additional battery.
  • The case is only good for the 8 models. You will need a new battery case if and when you choose an upgrade.

That is really about all of the possible cons.  The pros certainly outweigh the cons, but there is one more pro we have not discussed. The cost.

Zohmo’s iPhone 8 battery case or iPhone 8 Plus battery case retail at under $50.00.  The Apple’s proprietary battery case retails at almost three times that with half of the mAh.  The only advantage to the Apple charging case is the Apple logo on the back of the battery case.  Is this really worth that much money for less battery life?

iPhone 8 battery case


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