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Pros and cons of iPhone models

February 04, 2019

If you are looking to upgrade your current phone or are looking to switch to the Apple iPhone, you have come to the right place.  We here at deal in battery cases for all sorts of iPhones – XR, XS Max, X/XS, 6+/7+/8+ and 6/7/8 models.  You have quite a selection to choose from.

With all of these choices, which iPhone is right for you?  Continue reading the blog, and make an informed decision about that.  Sadly, the iPhone 6 is all but phased out of regular production, so we will not be including that in our review.

iPhone XS Max


  • Top of the line models – Want the best; have the best.
  • Biggest and best screen – Movies and videos pop.
  • Awesome camera – High quality to match the screen.
  • Face ID – Keep people out of your private business.
  • Wireless charging – A great supplement to your XS battery case.
  • 3D Touch – Screen is responsive to pressure and can do different things.
  • NFC & Apple Pay – The standard for payment and Apple’s own thing.
  • Processors – Smoking hot speed.
  • Apple Watch and AirPod – Both work and well.
  • Size – Only 0.2” taller and 0.14” wider than the 8


  • Price – Top of the line commands top prices. They start at $999.00 for the 64GB version.

iPhone XR


  • Screen – 6.1” LCD is big.
  • Battery life – Better than the XS. Even better with the XR battery charging case.
  • Price – Almost everything in the XS for $749.00 - $250.00 savings.
  • Cameras – The XS has telephoto, wide-angle lenses with image stabilization. Great if you are a pro photographer.
  • Key features – The same as the XS in almost every way.


  • LCD screen – Not as good as the OLED on the XS.
  • Max storage – You tap out at 256 GB in the XR. XS goes to 512.
  • Not quite as waterproof – The XS can stand 30 minutes at two meters; the XR only 30 minutes at one meter.

iPhone 8/8+


  • Close to the XR – Most of the similarities will follow. Same on the cons.
  • ID fingerprint scanner – Speed up passwords and purchases.
  • Cheaper – Intro model is $699.00. $50.00 off the XR but $300.00 from the XS.


  • Face ID – Touch ID not Face ID. No facial recognition so no Animojis.
  • Smaller screen – 5.5” screen; 5.8” on XR; 6.1” on XS.

iPhone 7/7+


  • Oldie but goodie – Dates back to 2016 – all of the features are the same.
  • Cheaper – The seven series starts at $130.00 less than the eight series


  • No wireless charging – All the more reason to have the 8 Battery charging case.
  • Slower – Older processor.
  • Camera – Good, but nothing like what new models offer.
  • Storage – Maxes out at 128 GB. Starts at 64 GB.

What to do?

The best thing to do is check your wallet.  The best phone you can get is the one you can realistically afford, and with it being 2019, the sevens are probably about to phase out.  Regardless of what phone you choose, remember to choose an iPhone battery case to maximize the use of your phone.

iPhone Battery Case Models We Carry:


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