Replacement Battery for your iPhone

April 27, 2018

By now you know about the iPhone iOS scandal and the throttling of the battery life. is pleased to let you know our iPhone X charging cases help keep this problem at a minimum with a stellar selection of iPhone X cases that are sure to please any and all iPhone X users.

To rehash what is going on, Apple’s iOS slowed down older model phones with older batteries.  The conspiracy theorists who abound swore it was part of Apple’s planned obsolescence, forcing  iPhone users to upgrade their phones.  The point for Apple doing this was to extend battery life on the older batteries, as they finally admitted when put under pressure.

Back in January, Apple lowered the price of their replacement batteries from $79.00 to $29.00.  Keep reading to learn how to get your own replacement battery.

Before you think about doing this yourself, it is best that you let the professionals at the Genius Bar handle the battery swap for you, and that you go with an official Apple battery.  This will save you time and headaches in the future.  You may think you can get an aftermarket battery from or some other third party, but as you know with Apple, you get what you pay for.  You can also send your iPhone X in directly to Apple, but who wants to spend that much time away from their iPhone X?

Your best bet is to get an iPhone charging case from your friends at  This will help extend your battery for well beyond its normal lifespan.  Visit the main page to see what options we have available for you with our iPhone X charging cases.

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