May 15, 2018

It seems the problems stemming from the battery issue with the iPhone have been mitigated, but there is still one fundamental problem that remains.

Serious iPhone users love their phones.  They are constantly using their iPhones for various reasons beyond texting and calls.  Mobile websites are more popular than desktop, and most people use their iPhones for any searches they need to complete for any reason.

All of this really drains the battery and fast.  It is a fact that after a certain number of charges on an iPhone, somewhere around 500 – almost two years of service, the battery on most phones, and specifically iPhones of all sorts, will eventually begin to wear out and become useless.

People who love their phones are always looking for solutions.  Some elect the $29.00 battery replacement, down from the original price of $79.00, having Apple install the battery for them.  Others follow the “planned obsolescence” concept, and they choose a new iPhone upgrade. has a better solution.

Rather than a new battery or upgrade, offers a battery charging case.  The case functions as a battery charger, keeping your iPhone charged longer than on a standard charge.  This extends your battery life and helps keep your phone active longer to match your active phone use lifestyle.

There are a variety of iphone battery charging cases available, all in stylish colors to match a particular personal choice.

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