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Tax Returns

April 01, 2019

It is most people’s favorite time of year – tax return season!  It is the chance for you, I and the rest of the U.S. to get back some of what we have paid in over the year in taxes.

Before you run out and spend your tax return on something you should not, stop.  Take a moment, and consider what you should spend the money on.  This is important.

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Some people think of paying off bills.  Here is the problem with that.  You pay off bills, and the same bills will return in short order.  Spare yourself the trouble, and use your tax return on something that will give you something in return.

Here are our suggestions for what you can do with your tax return this year. 

  1. Take a vacation – You do not have to go somewhere far off. You can go to another state or visit another city within your state. If there is an amusement park somewhere, go check it out.  A quality vacation does not have to break the bank or use 100 percent of your return.
  2. Upgrade appliances – Appliances will eventually wear out. While you have the extra cash, consider a new refrigerator or other big appliance.
  3. Furniture – Need a new couch or mattress? Now is the time to go. Most places have great deals.
  4. Invest in a freezer – A stand alone freezer goes a long way when it comes to storing food. Now you can buy bulk and put up for later.
  5. Tires – Most people do not think about their car tires, but these wear out. Investing in a new set of tires is a good way to keep yourself safe on the road.
  6. Do something special – Treat yourself to a day spa with facial, massage and all of the trimmings. You deserve it after all. Do something for your significant other while you are at it.
  7. Start on Christmas – Yes; Christmas is a long way off, but smart shoppers start now looking for deals and making purchases.
  8. Fill a bucket list item – Is there something you have wanted for some time, but could not afford it? Now may be the perfect time.
  9. Invest in, or upgrade your iPhone – Tired of using your old iPhone or just ready to move up to the excellence that is Apple? Plenty of deals to be found with your current carrier.
  10. A charging case – A charging case from Zohmo is a great way to extend your battery life and the life of your iPhone. Deals at Zohmo start at only $59.99. This is considerably cheaper than most of the competition.  Also, it is considerably cheaper than the Apple brand charging case.

Tax refund check

This is certainly not an extensive list, but it should give you a start on some ideas.  We at Zohmo want to remind you to spend your return wisely.  A charging case is certainly a good place to start.  There are plenty of designs to choose from, and there is one for almost every make and model of iPhone.

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