The Best iPhone 8 and iPhone X Battery Case Choices

The Best iPhone 8 and iPhone X Battery Case Choices

October 07, 2019

It is hard to believe, but the iPhone 11 is on its way, and people are clamoring to have one.  Chances are, however, the newest iPhone will suffer from some of the same issues as all iPhones – not enough battery to make you happy.

Finding a quality battery case is a difficult thing to do because there are so many variables that go into a decision.  Fortunately, we here at Zohmo have generated a few questions to consider when shopping for a new iPhone battery case.  Read on to see what recommendations we have when shopping for a charging case.

1. mAh – This is a common sign when battery case shopping.  It stands for 'milliamp hours.'  It is a measurement of the amount of electrical life.  A bigger number translates into additional battery life.  Look for a case with the highest amount within your budget.

2. Usage – An iPhone user needs to consider how much they are on their phone on a daily basis.  Heavy users certainly need the most battery life they can get, particularly if they are conducting business with their iPhone.

3. Size – A battery case is going to increase the size of an iPhone.  This is the tradeoff of having a battery case.  It is normal to want a thin battery case, but with a larger battery, the case will be thicker out of necessity.  It is something to consider if size is an important aspect of your iPhone.

4. Charging – Will this specific battery case need a separate charging cable?  If you are a regular iPhone user, you likely have plenty of charging cables lying around here, there and everywhere.  A charging case that uses the same cable as an iPhone is ideal and absolute.  The charging cases from Zohmo all use the same cable as the iPhone – no need for a new cable.

5. Price – The Apple proprietary charging case is quite expensive - $120.00 for 1,900 mAh of life.  There are cheaper ones to be found.  The Zohmo model, for example, is the best iPhone 8 battery case on the market.  At only $59.99 with 3,000 mAh of battery charge, it is the most economical and logical choice.

6. I have an iPhone X – Zohmo offers the best iPhone X battery case as well.  An impressive 3,200 mAh of charged life means plenty of iPhone enjoyment for the day.

iPhone 8 battery case

Okay.  It is a strong hope we have helped sway your decision on a battery case for your iPhone.  Now it is time to point your browser to and shop the selection of charging cases.  Free shipping, money back guarantee and the best in customer service means you will not go wrong with the decision.

By the way – A iPhone battery case makes the perfect gift for anyone with an iPhone.  Give it as a going away gift, retirement, birthday or save until the holidays for the person who has everything.


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