The iPhone X and Wireless Charging Cannot Catch a Break

April 17, 2018

It seems the iPhone X and wireless charging cannot get a break.  Now there are reports of charging issues stemming from the induction charging system.  The issue is the battery cycles.  Apple points out that after about 500 cycles, the battery life is cut to approximately 80 percent – this means a battery can be completely worn out in under two years.  This is yet another reason to consider having an iPhone X battery charging case.

ZDnet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has already reached 135 cycles and has only had his iPhone X for six months.  He is on track to lose battery life in under two years because of this.

Apple is a member of the Wireless Power Consortium.  They have access to the newest research and standards for wireless charging.  Considering that Apple is already facing issues with the longevity of its batteries, these new standards could mean a major change is coming down the pipe for Apple, iPhone X, wireless charging and iOS.

For Apple, this can mean some serious problems.  Weak batteries, iOS issues and a reluctance to discuss what is going on in a timely manner. Sure, you can get a battery replacement at a reasonable, reduced cost, but what good does this do for you in the meantime? 

A $29.00 battery seems to be the viable solution, but there is one that is better.  Zohmo’s iPhone X battery charging case helps keep a battery at full charge longer and thus saving precious battery charging cycles.

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