The iPhone X Battery Case & Exercise

April 01, 2018

Your iPhone X is essentially an extension of you these days.  This means the phone is around even when you are at the gym or working out.  It keeps you company and helps make your workout go faster.  There are apps that you can use while you work out, and there are playlists you can run to help keep your mood up.  Regardless, there is a case to meet your needs depending on your workout.


 You need a versatile iPhone X battery case.  One that will help you manage your apps and keep up with the constant changes in movement.  Think shockproof as a start.  A case that will hold up to a drop of about four to six feet is ideal.  After all, there is no good way to drop a phone.  The next good idea is a magnet.  This way you can run your app, listen to music or watch videos while working out.  Lastly, think thin and lightweight.  You don’t want the case to be too much of a burden.


 Think hard core and rugged for cross fit.  You need a battery case for your iPhone X that will handle the movement and timing necessary for crossfit workouts.  Throw in shockproof, something that is standard on all workout cases, just to be sure everything is all in order.


 The equipment in a weight room can be deadly to your iPhone X.  This means you may want a battery case that is aluminum and ultra-tough.  In fact, there is probably not a case that is too protective in the weight room.


 A battery case that is thin and can be put into an armband is the way to go.  This way you don’t have to worry about losing protection while you are moving.


 The core work of yoga and pilates means many choose to leave their phones behind.  Keep it stylish instead.  You want your iPhone X battery case to stick out in the cubby.

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