The Latest iOS Update from Apple

April 18, 2018

The latest iOS update from Apple has been expected and wanted for some time.  This update promises greater insight into the reason why batteries on the iPhone X are failing.

The update is free, iOS 11.3.  Go to Settings > General > Software Update and download.

There are a few good things coming in on the iOS, including some updated messaging capabilities.  The biggest thing to come in, however, is the issue with the failing battery.  This is something many Apple fans have been begging for and now have it.  There is an easier solution, and one that will keep your battery going for a long time in the face of low battery health – an iPhone X battery charging case.

Apple was forced to eat crow in 2017 about purposefully slowing down iPhones with older batteries.  It cut the price of a replacement battery to $29.00 from $79.00, allows users to monitor battery health and turn off the slow down feature when the battery begins to fade.  If you have read the other blogs, you will know this is around 500 charging cycles before the battery begins to fade significantly.

The update, under “performance management,” means you can see the percentage of battery capability relative to the age of the battery in a percentage.  This is where Apple can slow down the iPhone X, and the function is turned on by default.  Once off, the only way the function will turn back on is if there is a crash, and the iPhone X returns to its factory setting.

For the iPhone X user, there is a more advanced power system.  As Apple puts it, “[it is a] more precisely allows iOS to anticipate and avoid an unexpected shutdown," resulting in a "less noticeable" impact on performance.

There is a simple way to avoid all of this nonsense with Apple iPhone X, iOS 11.3 and the problems of the battery in general.  Zohmo’s iPhone X battery charging case will take care of the  entire problem with little to no effort.  It is the perfect solution to an imperfect battery.

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