The Value of the Standard Charging Cable

April 04, 2018

Some iPhone X users are realizing that the standard charging cable is much more preferable to wireless charging.  This is a perfect reason to use an iPhone X battery case for your iPhone needs.

What is the big deal behind that?  It starts with some understanding of the battery.

A battery is not going to last a lifetime.  Even Apple admits their battery has its limitations, “[the battery] is designed to retain up to 80 percent of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles.”  After this point, the battery will certainly start to fade and require replacement or a new phone altogether.

Since you will have a limited number of charges, it only makes sense to maximize the battery life as much as possible.  This is why iPhone X battery charging cases make good sense.  The charging case helps maintain a full battery charge longer, so you, the user, does not have to worry about fully charging the battery.

So what does this have to do with charging with a cord instead of a wireless charger?  Plenty.

A charging cord means the battery is charging from the electricity in the wall.  Wireless charging means the battery is powering the iPhone at the same time as the phone is running, so the battery is doing double duty.  An iPhone X battery charging case will help ameliorate the issue of wireless charging – something that can drastically suck your battery life dead in short time.  Depending on how much use you depend on your iPhone X for, this can mean the battery will die before the contract terms of your iPhone, and you will need to purchase a new battery or phone.

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