Thinnest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Battery Cases to Extend Battery Life in 2019

Thinnest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Battery Cases to Extend Battery Life in 2019

October 21, 2019

Most people cannot imagine life without their smartphones, much like so many other conveniences we now take for granted. The smartphone, and specifically the iPhone, has only been around since about 2007 – twelve years. It is still basically an infant in terms of technology.

It is hard to imagine life without an iPhone now. The apps, ability to surf the web, play music and video and so many other functions make the iPhone almost as important a tool as a vehicle.

For all of its wonderful powers and aid that it brings to people, the iPhone does have some of its limitations. The biggest limitation – the battery.

Battery life has been, and will continue to be, an issue for iPhones. Everyone who owns an iPhone would like more battery. There are options available to them, but many of those options are not exactly what the iPhone user is looking for.

The best solution lies in a battery case. These cases attach to the back of the iPhone and provide additional life for the iPhone well beyond a standard battery.  Most people elect not to own one. The reason: The battery case makes the iPhone look large and bulky.

The iPhone user is looking for the perfect meeting of additional battery life and small size. This can be a very difficult task, but it is one that is already completed for the user.

There is a solution available with Zohmo offers the thinnest iPhone XS battery case or thinnest iPhone XS Max battery case on the market and at a reasonable price. Need additional information as to why this is the best choice?  Consider the following:

  • 3,200 mAh – This mAh is almost double what is offered by the Apple proprietary charging case.
  • Price – Zohmo's battery case retails for $59.99. The Apple case is $120.00.  The difference in mAh is one thing, but the price is the best reason to select Zohmo.
  • Small business, great service – Zohmo is a Seattle, Wash., owned business. You can be assured of the best in customer care and service when shopping with them.
  • Money back guarantee – Is anything else needed to be said?
  • Free shipping – See reason above.

The final decision on what you want to do for the best in battery life is up to you.  Consider what you are wishing to do with your iPhone, and go from there. Are you a photographer, looking to expand a portfolio? Do you need the extra battery for something important like conference calls and business meetings? 

iPhone XS Max battery case


No matter your answer, a battery case is going to offer the perfect solution. The team at Zohmo looks forward to helping you make the most informed decision for a battery case.



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