Top Features In IOS 13

Top Features In IOS 13

January 15, 2020

2020. Zohmo wishes you all a happy new year and hope it will be filled with prosperity and joy. We also hope you got your iPhone battery case you wanted from for your holiday gift giving and receiving.  If not, they are still available with the same great deals as always!

The iPhone 11 line comes with iOS 13, and the new iOS certainly has many good things the iPhone world is talking about.  This month, we are going to take a look at some of the great features of the new iOS 13.   It, along with your battery case from Zohmo, will give you the best possible iPhone experience on the market.  Here are some details:


This is handy when you need to surf late at night.  The script flips from black text on white to white text on black.  Black pixels do not light up, and this can conserve even more battery life than with your battery case for your iPhone.


The triple camera option is great, and we love it.  The new PHOTOs tab has different sections dividing up into different sections from year to all time.

The iOS also selects the best pictures for you.  How cool is that?

iPhone 11 Pro Max camera


Safari will now download files for you.  A tap and a popup means you can place files into the new Downloads icon on your toolbar.  Downloads default to your iCloud, but you can save locally by changing to ‘On My iPhone.’


The updated Apple mapping project means great changes for Maps.  More cities have been added, and there is a Favorites section quick access.  Have a place you want to go?  Add it to Collections for future visits.


There is now a dashboard for Reminders complete with smart lists.  Each list can have tasks, subtasks and media.


The AirPods certainly helped get rid of wires, but if you wanted to share music, wires were necessary.  No longer.  You can connect AirPods to a single iPhone and share music.  Just like so many things Apple, all it takes is a tap.

iPhone 11 app screen


We all get Robo-calls.  Now, if the caller is not in your contacts, your iPhone will not ring.  No more stopping to answer spam.


There are plenty of little things too.  CarPlay and the new Sign In with authentication are certainly wonderful.  Here are a few others:


It is no longer eating up the middle of your screen.  It is a small slider by the volume buttons.


Smart charging means the iPhone will charge 80 percent based on your charging habits.  When it is close to time to disconnect, the iPhone will charge completely.  This will protect your battery life even longer than with a battery charging case from Zohmo.

The new iOS 13 certainly has some great features for the iPhone user.  The new function to protect battery life is great, but even better is a battery case from Zohmo.  Our battery cases not only extend battery life, but also help protect your iPhone from drops and dings.  Come on over, and see what options we have available.

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