Trains and Cell Phones – The Expected Etiquette

Trains and Cell Phones – The Expected Etiquette

March 08, 2019

Train commuters are familiar with the rules on Amtrak trains.  There is no usage in the Quiet car; turn on vibrate or silent; speak quietly.  They are the same rules as you would use in many places, such as the bank or in a doctor's office.  The main difference is most people are on a train for an extended time and are sitting comfortably.  This is the ideal time to use the iPhone you have – the 6 or the XS – being on the phone is the thing to do.

So, there are some unspoken rules of etiquette about cell phones on trains.  Most people understand the basics, but there is always a reason to go back over them.  Here are the best ones we can think of for you as you travel on a train.

  • Do not monopolize space – A laptop is fine.  A laptop, tablet, iPhone and camera is not.  Limit what you have in front of you as others have the right to space as well.  You are one person in one seat, act accordingly.
  • Turn off the speaker – Other passengers do not want to hear what you are talking about or if you are pressing buttons getting to a real person on the phone.  Besides, if you are talking about sensitive information, the rest of the car will hear you and your conversation partner.  Respect them all, and keep the discussions to yourself.

    man talking on train
  • Keep it down – Trains can be loud.  You do not need to be.  There may be ears listening to your conversation that you may not appreciate.  Business people, politicians and the like may find their interests compromised.  Do not take the chance of being blown up on social media because you cannot speak silently.

    amtrak quite car
  • Quiet Car is just that, quiet – The Quiet Car is a sacred place.  People come here for the right to quiet and privacy.  If you have to be in the quiet car, do not be that person. That person whose iPhone X, XS or XR goes off with the latest tunes from the hottest Sound Cloud artist or filled with obscene language.  Silence your iPhone, no matter if it is the X, XR or XS.
  • Headphones, headphones, headphones – Your interests in the latest fast and heavy metal bands is all fine and dandy, but the rest of the car likely does not share your interests.  Other people may want to listen to a podcast, a video or even a movie.  Do not invade their ear space with your musical interests.  You may end up with the best hits from the Big Band era if you are not careful.
  • Share the outlets – Batteries drain.  Apps and games drain batteries faster.  It is really bad form, if not downright rude, to use several outlets for your personal electronic devices.  One device is fine; two is questionable; three is crass.
  • Have your iPhone X charging case – Let's suppose you encounter someone who is an Outlet Hog.  You won't have to worry, since your charging case contains more than enough battery life for your trip.  Zohmo to the rescue!


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