What Causes Battery Drain?

April 24, 2018

Ask most anyone about what they do not like about their iPhone X, and the battery is the most likely topic.  Battery issues rank number one on complaints about the iPhone X.

Fortunately, there has been some work into what causes the battery to drain so quickly.  Here are five top reasons the iPhone X battery drains so quickly.

  1. Cold Weather – The iPhone X does not like cold weather. Granted hot weather will have some negative effects on the battery and battery life, hot weather takes a far back seat to cold weather.
  2. Screen brightness – Backlights on the iPhone X are a serious battery zapper. Notifications activate the display, making the drainage worse.
  3. Poor cellular coverage – Poor coverage has a serious impact on battery life. The iPhone X is constantly searching for a better signal, and this will pull battery life.
  4. Poorly coded apps – If you are using an app that is not one of the bigger, mainstream apps, you could be sacrificing battery life. Even an established app can have bugs that will suck battery life.
  5. Notifications on lock screen – This will cause your display to switch on. If you have a good many apps that pop notifications, chances are this will drain the battery significantly.

Fortunately, there is a solution to all of these problems. offers an iPhone X charging case that keeps the battery charged longer.  This way you can enjoy your iPhone X longer and use your apps as you see fit.

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