What is a iPhone 6 Battery Case?

May 03, 2019


Apple broke the market on the smart phone quite some time ago.  The iPhone 6 is still around and has its fair share of adherents who cannot bring themselves up to a new iPhone.  What does not change, no matter who the iPhone user is, is the fact that the iPhone needs to be charged every day.  Some even charge their phones more frequently if necessary.  Electing for a battery case to put on the back of the iPhone 6 is a great way to extend the battery life, give the device more usage time and protect the battery from the eventual replacement. 

Battery case or charging case – the names mean the same thing for the iPhone 6.  Each case provides the iPhone user with the same end – additional life with each charge of the battery case.

There is something that is on the spec sheet of all iPHone 6 models, and most do not understand it.  mAh is means ‘milliamp hours.’  This is the amount of time an iPhone 6 can function before needing a recharge.  Basically, the larger the number of mAh, the longer the iPhone 6  will run without a charge.


There is no one who does not want additional talk, text, video and app time on their iPhone 6.  In fact, as the iPhone 6’s apps become more and more battery charge hungry, the need for a good battery charger is more important than ever.  The iPhone 6 is a great phone that does some really interesting things, but it comes at the expense of a quickly dying battery.

The iPhone 6 is no longer one of Apple’s premiere iPhones.  The battery is likely not going to hold a charge like it once did when the iPhone was new.  Most people elect to upgrade their iPhone 6’s into a newer iPhone.  This investment in a two year contract with a payment is not necessary.  A battery case will do the iPhone 6 perfectly well and maintain the battery for a good long time.

iPhone 6 battery charging cases allow the user to enjoy their features longer.  The great concern about a dying battery or needing to be near a charger or having a charger handy is not nearly as vital.

PHOBIA – It is not just for spiders any longer

Sweaty palms, increased heart rate, dizziness and sense of impending doom are all related to phobias, irrational fears.  Most people have a phobia of some kind.  There is a new and terrifying phobia sweeping technophiles and iPhone 6 users alike – nomophobia.

Nomophobia is the fear of missing a charging cable and being unable to charge an iPhone.  All users will encounter not being able to charge their iPhones at one time or another.  Most often it is because of being in a hurry out the door with 1,000 other things on the mind.  The charging cable is simply left behind and forgotten until the need to have it is there.

Rather than depending on a charging cable, the mAh provided by an iPhone 6 battery case will allow users plenty of iPhone time without worry of needing a charge.

Nomophobia is one thing, but a cracked screen is another.  Many iPhone 6 users walk around with a cracked screen.  A charging case will help protect the iPhone from drops and falls.  Think of the battery case as an insurance policy against accidents. 

The best charging cases use the same charging cable as the iPhone 6.  Users will not have to worry about one cable versus another and will be able to charge their iPhone 6s with the same ease as always.  Plug in the charging cable into the charging case at night, and wake up the next morning with a fully charged iPhone 6 and charging case.  There is nothing simpler when it comes to the iPhone 6.

If for no other reason, a battery case of the iPhone 6 will extend the overall battery life of the internal iPhone battery.  Lithium batteries have a lifespan like all batteries.  Over time, the lifespan of the lithium battery will fall, up to 20 percent over two years.  This is sinificant.  It is also another reason to have a charging case for the iPhone 6.

The discovery may have been an iPhone 6 user.  Apple released an iOS update with a feature that did not please iPhone users in the least.  As the iPhone battery life dropped, the iOS would slow the CPU and the features of the iPhone 6.

This did not please iPhone users, and they let that fact known on social media and across the Internet.  Apple cut the price of its battery by a huge margin in addition to patching the iOS update.  Those who invested in a battery charging case would have never had problems with the iOS or shortened battery life.  The charging case would have protected the battery’s life span until the iOS was no longer an issue.


The better iPhone 6 charging cases retail around $30.00 on average.  Users of the iPhone can find less expensive charging cases at various online retailers.  Many will choose these less expensive cases to save their money, perhaps for a newer iPhone model. 

Like with most things, “You get what you pay for.”  These cheaper charging cases often fail or do not function to their promised capabilities.  There are reports of the cheapest of the cheap cases dying within weeks of purchase.

Apple sells its own charging case.  A 1,400 mAh case retails for $129.00.  This charging case comes with the Apple logo and little else.  Were that not enough, the best reviews give the case 3.2/5.0 stars.  This is well below the standards that the average iPhone user expects from the company.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to selecting an iPhone charging case.  There is a charging case for the iPhone 6 that meets all of a customer’s desires: a fair price, more mAh than the Apple model, outstanding 360 degree protection from drops and damage and the sleek, futuristic design that sets the iPhone 6 apart.  Zohmo carries iPhone 6 charging cases from its Seattle, Wash., home.  They feature the Z-Series lithium-polymer charging case for the iPhone 6 as well as other iPhone models.


Apple users have deep brand loyalty.  The following information provides a guide on finding the best company when looking for an iPhone 6 charging case.

  • Reputation – The price is part of it. Does the company have a solid reputation with its customers?
  • Quality – All battery case companies promise they are the best. What makes this company’s case unique?  Do the customers speak well of the case?
  • Customer service – Can the user of the charging case speak to a person when they call the company? Is the sale more valuable than the customer and their experience?  Can the representative resolve issues on the phone?
  • Returns/Guarantees – The 100 percent guarantee – is it real and valid? Is there a catch on the return policy?  What about damaged products or failures?  What can the company do?

A charging case for the iPhone 6 is an investment in the future.  These tips will provide the iPhone 6 user a way to avoid a sub-par product when shopping for a charging case.

This is not information to gloss over and ignore.  Each bulleted piece of information needs consideration.  An iPhone battery charging case is an investment for the iPhone X.  This list of questions will aid any iPhone X user in finding the ideal battery case without the painful experience of wasting money on a poorly designed product.

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