May 27, 2019



The iPhone 8 is one of Apple’s most popular iPhones, and many still enjoy its use today.  Like all iPhones, the 8 needs to be charged each day after use.  Those iPhone 8 users who use their phones much more than that often charge their phones more than once a day.  There is a way to keep from needing a fresh charge all of the time.  Adding a battery case to the iPhone 8 is a great way to help keep the battery from dying during a period of heavy use.


Battery case, charging case, digital charging companion – all of these terms refer to the same thing.  A battery that clips to the back of the iPhone 8 that provides additional battery run time and extended life.


Battery life is measured in milliamp hours, often abbreviated as mAh.  The higher the mAh on a battery, the longer the iPhone will last with average usage.  Of course, the battery life can vary depending on the amount of use the iPhone 8 sees on a daily basis.  Just know that more is better in this case.




If you have an iPhone 8, then you need a battery case.  There is not one iPhone owner around who would not appreciate more time for videos, text, talk, games and the like.  The iPhone 8 has some incredibly good apps available for it, but these apps often use a very large amount of battery life.  The battery case increases that life.


All batteries have a limited life.  The lithium ion battery in the iPhone 8 will eventually lose its ability to charge.  In a two year span of regular use, an iPhone 8 battery life can drop by as much as 20 percent.  This is significant, because it is around a two year mark that many contracts with wireless carriers end.  Some elect for a new iPhone instead of a battery replacement.


Iphone 8 battery charging cases mean the user can enjoy the iPhone’s many functions and capabilities for a much longer time.  The days of concern about a dead or dying battery will be a thing of the past.  There is not one iPhone user who would not appreciate extended time for their iPhones.




Here is a scary scenario: An iPhone user is running late for the day.  They grab everything they need and rush out the door.  Along the way, the iPhone rings.  It is the boss.  The boss starts talking, and by chance, the iPhone 8 user glances down to check battery time.  It is less than 10 percent.  The charging cable did not attach correctly the night before.  Panic sets in.


This is nomophobia.  It is the fear of not having or having access to a charging cable in the event of a dead or dying cell phone battery.  The effects are the same as any phobia – real shakes, sweating and shallow breathing are all a part of the nomophobia.


Keep nomophobia at bay with a battery charging case.  Users will never need to scramble to find a charging cable or worry about losing their calls or texts due to a dead battery.


Nomophobia is one thing, but a cracked screen can be equally annoying.  A battery charging case can help prevent iPhone 8 screen damage from accidental drops.  A charging case is an investment in insurance for the iPhone 8 user that provides an extra benefit.

Charging the charging case for the iPhone 8 does not require a special charging cable.  The same cable that charges the iPhone 8 will charge the battery case.  Attach the charging cable before retiring for the night, and wake up the next morning with a freshly charged battery case and battery.  There is nothing more simplistic for charging an iPhone 8.


Battery cases also increase the lifespan of a battery.  All batteries can hold a certain charge that powers the iPhone for a set time.  As the battery ages, the amount of time falls.  This can happen even if the battery is fully charged.  After two years, a battery’s life can drop by as much as 20 percent.  A charging case attached to the back of an iPhone 8 will help maintain the maximum charging capabilities of the iPhone for much longer.


The need for a battery case follows the damage Apple did to its user base with the release of a recent iOS update.  In the update, Apple purposefully slowed the CPU if the battery’s life was dropping.  Apple users found out about this fact and immediately expressed their displeasure via social media and          

Apple forums.  Apple sent out a patch to fix this and cut the price of a replacement battery for the iPhone by $50.00 in an attempt to make their user base happy again.


Smart iPhone 8 owners with a charging case would have no concerns.  The battery case would have helped the iPhone’s internal battery maintain its charge longer.  The iOS update, patch and reduced battery cost would have not affected these iPhone 8 users.




Users of the iPhone 8 can expect to find most charging cases available to be around $30.00 on average for a standard charging case.  There are cheaper cases available, but close inspection will reveal these cases are not that great, cannot hold a decent charge, have low mAh and fail within weeks of ownership.

Apple makes its own charging case for $129.00 and 1,400 mAh.  The only advantage of the Apple charging case is the fact the case has the Apple logo on the back.  This is no other reason to have an Apple charging case outside of this fact.  If this is not enough reason, consider the best review sites only rate the Apple iPhone 8 charging case at 3.2/5.0 stars.  This is not great for an Apple product.


Finding the perfect iPhone 8 charging case that has a fair price, excellent mAh, 360 degree protection from accidental drops and a design to match the iPhone 8 seems to be a difficult task.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  There is a company out of Seattle, Wash., Zohmo, that sells a battery charging case for the iPhone 8 and other iPhone models that has all of the features listed above.




Apple thrives on brand loyalty.  Apple users love their products.  When it comes to a third party iPhone 8 product like a charging case, it is vital to find the best possible company for the money.  Here is what to consider:


  • Reputation – Does the company have a good standing with users, the Better Business Bureau and the Secretary of State’s office?
  • Quality – No battery company is going to admit they have a bad product. What is it about their battery case that makes it better than the others on the market?
  • Customer Service – If an iPhone 8 user calls the company, will they speak to a person? Will that person be able to help with their questions and resolve them over the phone?
  • Returns/Guarantees – Does the company offer a full refund? What about the return policy?  Is there fine print to read before sending back the charging case?


Smart shoppers know to look around for the best deal, but the best product for the money requires a bit more effort.  This is why this list of questions to ponder helps drive the decision for the best iPhone battery case.

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