What to do with a broken iPhone

What to do with a broken iPhone

August 26, 2019

It happens to the best of us.  No matter how careful you may be, at some point there is a better than average chance you will drop and damage your iPhone and battery charging case.  The glass may break, metal may come off or the iPhone goes for a swim.  Either way, you are going to need to make some decisions about what is best to do with the iPhone.  Fortunately, there are a few good ideas we have for you when it comes to dealing with a potentially broken iPhone.  It is a hope your battery charging case is still in good shape!

Broken iPhone Screen

1.Sell it for parts – There are some very technologically savvy folks out there who can cobble together older iPhones into new ones. Most people choose to sell parts on places like eBay. You will not get the 100 percent value of the iPhone based on parts, but it is still some cash in your pocket.

Be sure, however, that you can wipe all of your personal information from that particular iPhone.  If it is dead beyond salvation, it is best to dispose of it safely.  If you can wipe the hard drive, make some money from the iPhone.

2.Recycle – Most Apple users are environmentally conscious when it comes to living. They are firm believers in recycling and reusing as much as they can. There may not be any cash to be made in this way, but you can at least feel better knowing personal data will not end up compromised. Apple even has a new toy, Liam, who can break down iPhones.

Your carrier may be able to help with the recycling as well.  It cannot hurt to ask.  This way you are not taking a chance of selling what could be sensitive information to a complete stranger over the Internet.

3.Keep as a reminder – Granted this not like a scar from an accident that is permanently on your body or the name of your true (former) love emblazoned on your body in a tattoo. Keep it around as a reminder of what happened. It is also a strong tool to teach kids what happens when they are careless with their iPhones.  This lesson can extend into cars and texting as well.

4.Drop test – Okay. Let’s assume your iPhone, without the battery case, has gone swimming. The rice bath trick did not work, and you are stuck with an iPhone in perfect condition but worthless.

Do a science experiment.  Determine approximately how far your iPhone can fall with and without the battery case.  Drop the iPhone from common levels like waist and head high.  Drop it from a higher point as well, or if you are really science-minded, determine what point the drop does real damage to the iPhone.  Be careful if you are climbing on a ladder.

5.Make a wallet – Yes; just like the Macquariums, old Macs transformed into an aquarium, there is a way to convert your iPhone into a wallet. A quick search on your favorite search engine will let you know what to do.


No matter what you do, an iPhone battery case can always help protect your iPhone in the case of an accidental drop.  Be sure to check out Zohmo for the best in charging case options. With the new iOS coming the most popular has been a recent spike in purchases for the iPhone 7 battery case and the iPhone 7 plus battery case. Get yours today while they're still in stock! 

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