Which is better for my iPhone – Battery charging case or new battery?

Which is better for my iPhone – Battery charging case or new battery?

August 19, 2019

Several years back, but it is still something that leaves a bad taste in the mouth of many iPhone users, the Apple Corporation released an iOS update.  Users of the iPhone with a battery that was dying and not maintaining a charge as it once did noticed an issue – the CPU was slowed.

This was done on purpose.  Apple tried to explain their actions, but many iPhone users were not happy and took their disappointment to social media.  Apple did damage control with dropping their proprietary battery fee by $50.00.

Today’s iPhone does not have this issue any longer.  Apple learned its lesson.  However, the iPhone battery will still lose its life over time – averaging around two years.  It is then decisions must be made – new iPhone, new battery or a battery charging case?  This blog is going to look at the pros and cons of each to help you make the most informed decision.

iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS sitting on table


It is a new iPhone.  The best of the best in the Apple line.  The newest technology, CPU, glass and iOS means the user will have everything they would want in an iPhone at their fingertips.


Many cellular carriers charge for the price of the iPhone over a two year period.  This monthly fee is in addition to the standard fees of the phone plus data.  It is an expense that many cannot afford or justify.

hand holding iPhone battery


A new battery will certainly breathe new life into an older iPhone.  It is also considerably cheaper than purchasing a new iPhone.


iPhones are sealed for the most part.  Accessing the battery compartment is difficult unless you take your iPhone to the Apple store or a certified technician.  This means a labor fee in addition to the price of the battery.  You can do it yourself if you have the skills, but if you break it, there is no one to put the blame on but the person in the mirror.


You like your iPhone.  It is comfortable to you.  You understand its nuances, the little things about it and generally want to hang onto it.  The expense of a new iPhone is well out of your budget.  A battery case will keep your iPhone working longer, protect it and provide extra usage that a standard battery cannot do.


The size of the iPhone will increase slightly because of the charging case.  That is about it. A small price to pay for instant gratification.

iPhone XR battery case


It seems the answer is clear.  An iPhone battery case is the best solution for an iPhone.  New batteries or new iPhones do not provide additional usage time or provide protection for your iPhone.  A charging case will increase usage time by almost double.

If you are serious about finding a solution to a failing battery, the decision is pretty easy to see.  A battery charging case from Zohmo retails for less than a new iPhone or iPhone battery.  There is a full selection from the iPhone 6 battery case to the iPhone XR battery case.

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